In a single moment, you reach your edge.
You centre your energy, stand in your power, breathe and just be – blissfully yourself.
All that has led you to this point, has been part of your journey to become liberated.


Liberated Heart was born through an all-encompassing, mind altering, ecstatic dance...
A vision to create a brand that embodies the interconnectedness between music and movement. To inspire empowerment of oneself and awaken the consciousness within. What evolved was an iconic festival fashion label. A fusion between psychedelic digital print art and garments designed especially to discover freedom in the rhythm.
Based in Byron Bay, Liberated Heart is brought to life by a dynamic team of creatives. Flowing into all creations is a shared passion for art, music and movement. Our core values are ever present as we continue to dream up unique creations that will inspire our customers to transport themselves into realm of pure love for self and the earth around.  
Art in all forms holds an intrinsic value to the human psyche, inspiring freedom in expression and stemming creativity from the soul. Liberated Heart garments present a way to WEAR ART.  To INVEST IN ART in a form that serves individuals in today’s world in a useful and attainable way. To LOVE ART, appreciating both its aesthetic properties and the way it feels to be on the body. It soaks into the  spirit, emitting a euphoric feeling of beauty and captivation to the body adorned. We desire  for our customers to feel totally empowered in our creations; confident to  bear their uniquely wild souls externally. Our digital prints illuminate this. Formulated from a deeper understanding of colour magic, our enchanting art is sparked from the psychedelic elements of the earth within.
Mother Earth is the reason for our existence and to that we owe her the finest care. Sustainability revolves around creating an equilibrium for human life with the planet. So therefore living with conscious consideration of our impact.  At Liberated Heart we want to be creating a positive impact for our team, our community, our customers, our suppliers, and our planet. Our team deeply value conscious living and have taken on the mission to ensure our IMPACT on our environment is only positive. We practise this vision through the materials and manufacturing of our products, waste reduction strategies and environmentally friendly purchasing choices. Fresh ideas are always on our radar so we can continually revitalize our actions towards a healthier earth! Take the trip to OUR BLOG to get the full run down and stay updated on our Sustainability Quest.
We desire to enliven a liberated heart in both our customers and fellow artisans, models and influencers alike throughout this journey. Much like alchemy, in life a seemingly basic collaboration or support system established between individuals can flourish into an outcome with magical feats. Our mindeset encompases joining with likeminded creatives who resonate with both our aesthetic and our values. The essence of our brand has melded with the likes of: model Mimi Elashiry, Candice Swanepoel, Sally Mustang, Elisha Herbert and Natascha Elisa.
As each new earth cycle advances on Liberated Heart, its essence remains true. Enter the void into a visual, sensual and intellectual artform to resonate with a kindred spirit; existing as a way of life as well as a festival clothing brand. You will discover along your journey a Liberated Heart girl… Deep inside the realm of festivities worldwide.  A wild excitement in her eye as the rhythm flows through her veins, invigorating her body she becomes whole with her true spirit within; pure euphoria...
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