February 01, 2016


the day of luv, lust; or drinking a couple bottles of wine by yourself hans bridgette jones diary is just around the corner…

and to be honest, we feel that you should celebrate luv of all kinds, every single day – because life is short and blah blah blah.
getting a little bit romanticised with our 2 fav little luv bugz of current days – rainer & joey.. was just a bit too cute to pass up.

we enticed them under the pretence that this shoot would basically just entail hanging out- at wategoes in byron with a nice drop from our friends ‘@you_wines’, some comfy vintage from @trashbyronbay and a fun shaggin waggin to cruise in.

~natural play, true connection~ 

rainer crongdon @bilboofficial
joey jensen @joeyjargon

photographer/creative: mariah hearn @mariahprofresh


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