Lofirobot x Karina for Liberated Heart

October 19, 2016


We have always been HUGE fans of online festival store Dollskill, so when Alyssa Stocker-Keefe (formerly their head photog) and Kaitlin Kehoe (formerly one of their marketing gurus) dropped into the Liberated Heart Byron Bay HQ… we knew we couldn’t miss the opportunity to team up for some magic making!

Travelling around Australia, they were only in Byron for a short sojourn – so we stuffed their already full suitcases with a few of our favourite pieces from Drop 1 of The Bloom Generation in the hopes that on their travels they would be able to tee up a mini shoot for us.

The final product certainly didn’t disappoint – with this wild photo series captured in the Royal Botanical Gardens of Sydney on mega babe Karina Anne Hunt.

Loving the summery festival vibes – making us oh-so excited for our next hometown festival FALLS!


Photographer: Alyssa Stocker-Keefe @Lofirobot

Muse: Karina @Karinaannehunt


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