Our favourite little unicorn babe @cosmicdaughter showed us how to dress hot, cute and fruity all in one for this year’s Halloween!! The ultimate Halloween look with the cutest jewels and unicorn headpiece, face jewels by @glitter_disco_child and then our Vitality Bells with either your favourite nipple pasties or our Totality satin bralette.



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LH SWIM 17/18

October 16, 2017

Drop three is here and it comes to you in two flattering bikini styles & our must have one piece! These babies are where its at when it comes to fruity silly season swimwear! Shop them now in our most popular prints, Indigo Child & Viridescent!
Wear your new LH swim at the beach or style it up like our rainbow child @elisha__h for a killer festival outfit!!

Mantra: I am accepted

Viridescent: Become excited by the spark of innocence that is always available in you.

Be inspired by all that is new and glowing in freshness.

Mantra: I am deep

Indigo Child: The original Rainbow Child, the Indigo Child brings the new energy of human expression. Highly attuned psychically and on point with creativity, passion and drive, you are the game changers for humanity. 

Babes Elisha Herbert @elisha__h & Chloe Edwin @_cloze_ Shooting some magic in one of Byron Bay’s secret locations!

Stand out next festival and rock our Viridescent one piece with a big pair of boots, pink in your hair and starry makeup!

P.s. It looks really good with a festival robe & yes we are dropping one soon!

Models: Elisha Herbert @elisha__h & Chloe Edwin @_cloze_ Sian Houston @sian_houston

Photographers: Kane Skennar @kaneskennar & Tash Scheiner @ahhtash

Clothing: Liberated Heart – Children of the Rainbow SS17/18

Kurt Kobains Sunnies: Frothlyf Eyewear @frothlyf

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Indigo Child & Iris

October 05, 2017

Our latest print Indigo Child – The original Rainbow Child, the Indigo Child brings the new energy of human expression. Highly attuned psychically and on point with creativity, passion and drive, you are the game changers for humanity. It is your inspiration and insight that brings new ways of being for paving a greater peace and harmony.

Shop this print in our latest Bells for the ultimate summer psychedelic festival look!

Our vegan suede comes in black this season and we’ve evoked Iris – Goddess of the Rainbow.  Absorbing all the colours, she connects us to spirit and holds the energy of the dark so the expression of all colours can be felt and seen.   To experience it all you need to feel it all, from the dark to the light. Be bold, be whole, let all of you be seen.

We are in love with open backs this season, shop our silky soft suede, the ultimate festival to party pieces that go with everything in your wardrobe!

Desert wanderer @_cloze_ rocking her Indigo Child bells & Iris suede tank!

Dream girl @elisha__h in her Indigo Child set!

Stand out at the next festival and rock our Indigo Child set with your fav crystal crown!

Byron Bay babe @sian_houston rocking her Iris suede!

Behind the scenes with Byron Bay photographer @kaneskennar

Models: Elisha Herbert @elisha__h & Chloe Edwin @_cloze_

Photographers: Kane Skennar @kaneskennar & Tash Scheiner @ahhtash

Clothing: Liberated Heart – Children of the Rainbow SS17/18

Sunnies & Crystal Crown: Trash vintage @trashbyronbay

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Children of the Rainbow

September 25, 2017

Drop 1 of SS17/18 Children of the Rainbow has landed!
Dazzled by the transformative symbolism in these colours, we bring you this
season’s seven exclusive prints – Vitality, Totality, Indigo Child, Viridescent,
Aurora, Amorous, and Oracle – in a series of mini drops throughout
this summer. Each expressive piece obtain colours of one another,
inviting our playful festival babes to mix and match.

Introducing Vitality – our latest OMNIVERSE set inspired by the rainbow colour, Violet. Vitality is the state of being strong and active, full of energy. We’re channeling our inner crown chakra!

Mantra – “I am revolutionary”

Introducing Totality – the moment or duration of total obscuration of the sun or moon during an eclipse.

Mantra – “I am centered”

We’re so delighted to bring this capsule collection to you in it’s environmentally friendly form. Each piece is made of the highest quality recycled stretch nylon, and to add more cream to that cherry we’ve manufactured them locally in Australia. So enjoy the reaps and good feels knowing you’re supporting a more conscious, thoughtful garment.

Model: Sian Houston @sian_houston

Photographer: Tash Scheiner @ahhtash

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September 07, 2017

Babes @glotatts

Shell crown @chelseasflowercrowns

Liberated Heart: Star mesh top, Air satin dress, Prismatic shorties & cami,

Earth velvet skirt & cami, Utopia set, Deja vu button up @liberatedheart

Magical wonderland clothing: White lace top @magicalwonderlandclothing


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 An interview with Sabrina Sterk 

Meet the beautiful Byron Bay local Sabrina Sterk @sabrinasterk @thehealthgurugirl

Sab knows what’s up when it comes to deliciously mouth-watering healthy treats!

Q: What is your morning ritual? 

A: I always start my day with a little bed-yoga! I roll around, stretching my hips, twisting my spine and rotating my joints. After that I’ll jump out of bed, wash my face with warm water and my favourite Dr Haushka cleanser, then I’ll skip over to the lounge room to light some incense. I’ll sip on a cup of warm lemon water and SuperFeast schizandra for half an hour before whipping up a hot tonic filled with medicinal mushrooms and adaptogens.

Q: What are 3 tips you would recommend to stay healthy?

A: I think I have a MILLION tips so maybe I’ll squeeze in 5 because I just can’t help myself.

  1. HYDRATE. Drink good quality, filtered water and drink LOTS of it!
  2. Always eat organic. If you’re really seeking to be on top of your health you want to eat spray free, seasonal, FRESH, local produce. Try and buy it from your local weekly farmers market so you support the community. Even better – grow your own!
  3. Move move move that booty! It’s SO important to get your energy flowing every day. Our bodies love to be active – and when they are, you get to relish in the drug that is otherwise known as endorphins! Let your limbs stretch and move with some yoga, walking, and weights! Your muscles and lymphatic system will thank you later for it.
  4. Be in nature. Oh how I love to be outdoors. Breathing in fresh beautiful clean oxygen. Being outside away from screens helps to declutter the mind and enables us to reconnect with our greater self. I personally love to go for a strong lighthouse walk (along the coastline of Byron) then jump in the ocean for a hit of natural rejuvenation.  
  5. Look after your skin ladies! If you don’t want to look like a leather bag when you’re 35 then I seriously suggest you start to wear a hat in the sun and cover up those shoulders. It’ll save you loads of money on cure creams and treatments later down the track. I also would recommend only using natural skin care – as your skin is an organ that absorbs just as much as your stomach would. There’s no point in putting expensive chemicals on your skin when you can use coconut butter as a moisturizer and coffee grinds and coconut oil as an exfoliater!

Q: What is your ideal snack & why?

A: I’m not much of a snacker to be honest.. I’d much rather conserve my appetite until a main meal of the day. If I’m really ravenous or doing a lot of exercise I’ll generally reach for some ‘Infinite’ chocolate coated almonds (paleo, vegan, super low in sugar, high in protein and fricken DELICIOUS), or an all veg juice, or I’ll sip on some Dragon Herbs Longevity tea.

Q: What’s your favourite meal?

A: I’ll tell you a little secret.. there’s a cosy little place in our local town Mullumbimby which makes the best wood-oven fired pizza you’ve ever had! It’s my absolute favourite place to have a glass of red and a nibble on something naughty.  

Q: Best spot in Byron for a picnic? 

A: My boyfriend and I live on a gorgeous farm property tucked away in the Byron Hinterland. There’s no place better to have a picnic than on the hill next to our little cabin, which overlooks the hills. We love setting up a rug with cushions, and a table filled with a home cooked feast, candles and of course wine.

Q: Can you please share with us a delicious lazy weekend recipe ?!  

A: This recipe might seem naughty but is totally nice! (see below)

Model: Sabrina Sterk @thehealthgurugirl @sabrinasterk FB: The Health Guru Girl

Photographer: Tash Scheiner @ahhtash

Clothing: Liberated Heart Fire bells, Fire set, Black lace tee, Flower Power knickers, Luminescent Harem pants

Hat: Fallen broken street @fallenbrokenstreet

Eyewear: Crap eyewear @crapeyewear

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An interview with Marina Katsiliss

Meet our girl Marina Katsiliss @marinakatsiliss

She’s just come back from Europe and given us some hot tips for a Euro vacay!

Q: What was your fav country, city & why ?

A: I loved catching up with my relatives in the Greek islands, mostly Kos. The water was crystal clear and not a cloud in the sky the whole time we were there. Kos is the most chilled island and has the most delicious food as well !

Q: What was your craziest experience ?

A: My craziest experience while traveling on this trip would have to be in Nisyros.

I was standing inside a volcano and an earthquake happened to be the next day.

Q: Your number 1 travel tip ?

A: As crazy as it sounds and how good it is moving around but don’t constantly move every few days to different places, spend a minimum 2 weeks in one place blending in with the locals and experiencing the village life.

Q: When packing for Europe don’t forget your….

A: CAMERA !! Definitely the camera.  There’s so much beautiful scenery you can’t get enough of.

Also, I can’t forget to pack all my Liberated Heart. The beautiful patterns match with the

colourful scenery of Greece, the earthy tones as well as the cool tones.

Oh yeah and don’t forget your passport !


Q: What not to do when you land in Europe

A: Be wary of which taxi driver your traveling with and make sure the driver you chose is a taxi licensed driver.

Q: Where do you want to go back to most and why?

A: Definitely the island Symi in Greece.  It has the most beautiful scenery and the most delicious restaurants. The market stalls are so creative, with lots of hand made ceramics and paintings.

Q: We love how you rock your LH, any style tips for our LH babes?

A: My fave tips would be to wear it simple, with a pair of platform boots, awesome sunnies and a sick pair of earrings. Another tip is colour coordinate the outfit with matching coloured accessories. Also, mesh goes with my LH so well; one of my LH sets with a long sleeve black mesh top over it is my go-to outfit !!

Q: What do you love most about LH?

A: Every time I wear my Liberated Heart out I get so many compliments about the patterns and the colour and I totally agree with them. I’m so in love the beautiful colours and so fascinated with the patterns and designs of the prints. I also find the cuts and style of the tops, skirts, dresses etc extremely flattering !! The Liberated Heart Instagram account is my favourite page and love the magical vibe that spreads throughout the LH Insta feed.

Model: Marina Katsiliss @marinakatsiliss

Clothing: Water set, Fire set & Earth set


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Wild & Free Corina

August 10, 2017

An interview with Corina Alulquoy Brown

Corina is the magic behind Wild & Free Jewelry, if you haven’t already check out her goodies: https://wildandfreejewelry.com/

Q: How did you design journey begin?

A: I’ve loved to create ever since I was a little girl, but my official design journey with Wild & Free Jewelry started in 2011 when I opened an online shop on Etsy. Back then it was all for fun and I thought of the work as more of a hobby rather than a full-time job. However, to my surprise, over the years it became very apparent that I would have to choose to pursue Wild & Free Jewelry or leave it behind as it became too difficult to juggle college, my previous job in retail sales and everything that started to unfold with Wild & Free.

At that time (about 4 years ago) I made the choice to pursue a career with my brand, and have been doing it ever since!

Q: Did you ever study fashion, art or do a jewelry making course?

A: I didn’t! I’ve always adored fashion and considered going to college for it, but in early college I studied Photography. Later, when I transferred to a University I studied Anthropology. After I graduated I enrolled in a few marketing and business classes at a local city college but felt they were teaching me the opposite of things I learned first hand so I dropped out. In many ways, a small handmade independent label doesn’t fit the broad business models and general rules taught in classes. I think I’ve found the best way to learn is through experience and trial and error.

Q: Do you hand craft all of your pieces?

A: For the most part yes! All the mermaid crowns I design from the frame to the finished product. Other designs of mine I find materials to create the product. For example, all the denim jackets I sell are a mixture of vintage denim and fair trade or artisan materials from around the world that I bring together to create a one of a kind piece.

 Q: Do you have a muse, or are you inspired to design pieces for a certain type of woman? Who is she?

A: I don’t have a specific muse but when I design I imagine the person who would wear Wild & Free Jewelry to be a confident, free spirited individual who sees magic in the world and embraces a lifestyle outside of the norms of society. I like thinking that my pieces can evoke a nostalgia for imagination and remind us that the childhood sense of wonder we once felt still exists.

Q: Do you have any favourite shell that you’re particularly drawn to at the moment?

A: I love SO many shells! It’s always hard to pick but I think my favorite crown to make is the Casting Spells (https://wildandfreejewelry.com/collections/shell-headpieces/products/casting-spells-mermaid-crown ). The lavender hues in the shells used for that design always make me happy.

Q: What do you love about liberated heart?

A: I LOVE the graphics used and how velvety soft the bells and cami I shot are. I want to dress like I’m headed to a festival every day and I feel Liberated Heart makes that so effortless and easy. I wore this outfit (Fire bells, Fire cami & Star mesh top) out to a concert after the shoot and girls were stopping me asking where my pants were from! I adore that your pieces make a statement without being too flashy.

Q: What inspired your photo shoot, loving the butterfly wings!?

A: Liberated Heart completely inspired me! One look at your Instagram and I felt like I was teleported into a colourful festival world that made me want to take a few of my photos to another level. Of course, the moon and the pretty sunset also played a key role in inspiring the shoot.

J xx

Model: Corina Alulquoy Brown @wildandfree.corina @wildandfreejewelry

Fire bells, Fire cami, Star Mesh top – Liberated Heart

Autumn Monarch Butterfly hair clips – Wild & Free Jewelry ( Corina’s brand)

Morrison ring, Fleetwood ring, Petite Peyote necklace – Turquoise & Tobacco

A Certain Darkness to see the stars Lariat – Crafturday


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What a rush to the heart! I mean, three days jam packed full of the best international acts, a tipi forest to lose your mind in, crazy cool stalls to shop and food and drink to soothe the soul….SPLENDOUR WE FREAKING LOVE YOU!

Our splendour store this year was better than ever! A psychedelic display of printed apparel as always, but this time we themed it to our current collection, ‘ Elemental Beings’ boasting an intergalactic star station, a silver scene of streamers and potteries galore and an art-piece created by Austin Moncrieff of insta account, @Nitsua  designed for gals and guys to get their picture taken in front of featuring trippy rainbow projecting mushrooms, a cosmic planetary scene and off tap buzzerflies….

Our festival highlights this year were Peking Duk,  @pekingduk   http://www.pekingduk.com/ , LCD sound system  https://lcdsoundsystem.com/  and Banks  @banks  www.hernameisbanks.com

We had soooooo many epic LH lovers coming into the stall just to hang out and dance, sharing their cute splendour stories. Thanks guys for all the love!!!

Anyway take a look at our favourite pics from SITG17 shot by our girl, Tash Schneier  @ahhtash

Special thanks to our dreamy stall gals, Lucy, Diandre, Taylor and Sian. You girls brought the experience! Also glo tatts @glotatts for your entire team rocking Liberated Heart at SITG17 and to everyone out there that came and shared the LH dream with us. You bring LH to LIFE!!!

Love the LH team

Sian and Lucy hanging at our LH stall wearing pieces from the ‘Elemental Being’ collection.

And @cosmicdaugher wears her AirSatin Mini Dress 

Sian @sian_houston wears her Fire cami and  a line mini in the trippy Tipi Forest….

Our best selling set, BOHO!  

Checkout this cutie loving it in the Ecstacy Velvet back strap dress

Sian @sian_houston wears her Water leggings and star mesh top to the kissing bus 

Loving this ultra cool way of wearing the  Deja Vu set 

Sian @sian_houston wears her Air bomber jacket and cami 

These two warm the ️  !!!

Bunch of lovely ladies doing Liberated Heart proud in W17 Elemental Being Collection 

Oh hey there Stephanie Mac  @stephloretomac  grooving in her Air disco shorts 





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2017 BABY

Model: Anita Ghise @anita_ghise

LH clothing: Air bodysuit, Earth long velvet skirt & cami, Air velvet shorts & satin cami, Spirit backstrap dress

Peach faux fur: @somedayslovin

Silver faux fur: @princesspollyboutique

Black boots : @rocboots

Cute bag: @poppylissiman

Backpack: @legitleather

Jewels: @fandhjewellery

Mirrored sunnies: @sundaysomewhere

Peach velvet boots: @asos

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