Wild & Free Corina

An interview with Corina Alulquoy Brown

Corina is the magic behind Wild & Free Jewelry, if you haven’t already check out her goodies:

Q: How did you design journey begin?

A: I’ve loved to create ever since I was a little girl, but my official design journey with Wild & Free Jewelry started in 2011 when I opened an online shop on Etsy. Back then it was all for fun and I thought of the work as more of a hobby rather than a full-time job. However, to my surprise, over the years it became very apparent that I would have to choose to pursue Wild & Free Jewelry or leave it behind as it became too difficult to juggle college, my previous job in retail sales and everything that started to unfold with Wild & Free.

At that time (about 4 years ago) I made the choice to pursue a career with my brand, and have been doing it ever since!

Q: Did you ever study fashion, art or do a jewelry making course?

A: I didn’t! I’ve always adored fashion and considered going to college for it, but in early college I studied Photography. Later, when I transferred to a University I studied Anthropology. After I graduated I enrolled in a few marketing and business classes at a local city college but felt they were teaching me the opposite of things I learned first hand so I dropped out. In many ways, a small handmade independent label doesn’t fit the broad business models and general rules taught in classes. I think I’ve found the best way to learn is through experience and trial and error.

Q: Do you hand craft all of your pieces?

A: For the most part yes! All the mermaid crowns I design from the frame to the finished product. Other designs of mine I find materials to create the product. For example, all the denim jackets I sell are a mixture of vintage denim and fair trade or artisan materials from around the world that I bring together to create a one of a kind piece.

 Q: Do you have a muse, or are you inspired to design pieces for a certain type of woman? Who is she?

A: I don’t have a specific muse but when I design I imagine the person who would wear Wild & Free Jewelry to be a confident, free spirited individual who sees magic in the world and embraces a lifestyle outside of the norms of society. I like thinking that my pieces can evoke a nostalgia for imagination and remind us that the childhood sense of wonder we once felt still exists.

Q: Do you have any favourite shell that you’re particularly drawn to at the moment?

A: I love SO many shells! It’s always hard to pick but I think my favorite crown to make is the Casting Spells ( ). The lavender hues in the shells used for that design always make me happy.

Q: What do you love about liberated heart?

A: I LOVE the graphics used and how velvety soft the bells and cami I shot are. I want to dress like I’m headed to a festival every day and I feel Liberated Heart makes that so effortless and easy. I wore this outfit (Fire bells, Fire cami & Star mesh top) out to a concert after the shoot and girls were stopping me asking where my pants were from! I adore that your pieces make a statement without being too flashy.

Q: What inspired your photo shoot, loving the butterfly wings!?

A: Liberated Heart completely inspired me! One look at your Instagram and I felt like I was teleported into a colourful festival world that made me want to take a few of my photos to another level. Of course, the moon and the pretty sunset also played a key role in inspiring the shoot.

J xx

Model: Corina Alulquoy Brown @wildandfree.corina @wildandfreejewelry

Fire bells, Fire cami, Star Mesh top – Liberated Heart

Autumn Monarch Butterfly hair clips – Wild & Free Jewelry ( Corina’s brand)

Morrison ring, Fleetwood ring, Petite Peyote necklace – Turquoise & Tobacco

A Certain Darkness to see the stars Lariat – Crafturday


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