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Water W17



Whittling away at seemingly impenetrable land and stone, carving gorges, canyons and rivers through the slow process of time. That subtlety, demonstrates an erosion so gentle that eons must pass before we’re left with the tangible, pumping veins of our planet. That same life force courses through our body; canyons and gorges within our bodily vessels.

 A cool liquidity, a fluidity, is what makes up our planet and our bodies. We are it. The vital life force that is water is cleansing, purifying and within its cells holds the ability to wash away all spiritual woes, emotional obstructions and the idea that impede our progression. All with a tender, softness; an endless ebb and flow, undulating.

Our entire being resonates and vibrates on the same frequency as water, so we are urged to utilise the offerings of water: compassion, sensitivity, healing and make use of the symbolism of the infinitely moving waters, no matter how seemingly indistinct, the water continues to surge.

Photographer: Lyn Li     Model: Stella Luna @stelaluna_

Guest writer: Ondine Purinton-miller @ondinedaisy @thealchemistsblog


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