While getting fruity at festivals in Liberated Heart is usually our main jam, we are always on the look out for ways to style our LH pieces so they can be worn everyday. This means that we can rock LH all the time, and also give our clothing the ultimate wear it deserves.

We teamed up with artist and all round cool chick Mallory Lazuli to get a fresh taste on how to style LH. The result was a match made in heaven between our epic goodies and Mallory’s vintage treasures.

Our Iris Vegan Suede Tank worn backwards to create an awesome new zip up look. Wear this top as Mallory does with some denim vintage flares, a cute cap and some fine gold jewels to create and effortlessly retro look.

Whilst shooting with Mallory we discussed all things to do with friendly fashion, including her love for vintage clothing, sustainable fabrics and animal cruelty free materials.

Q1. Along with vintage fashion, we heard you have a few fav creative outlets.  What are they, and what inspires you about them?  

I have such a deep love for surrealist art, specifically that to do with the female form. I’ve found it to be such a catalyst when dealing with issues revolving around self love and femininity. We are so conditioned to only want more for ourselves (be it on a physical, mental or material level) and being able to strip it all down to pure art feels therapeutic in a sense. I have a few different mediums, my main love being huge canvasses, but I’ve also just begun painting surfboards, the processes are vastly different, and really great to experiment with!

Team our Aurora Festival Robe and Iris Vegan Suede Shorts and Tank with a pair of well loved knee high boots and that cute cap to recreate this edgy look. Perfect for your next adventure whether beach or street.

Q2.  When you are creating, what elements create the perfect environment for you?  

Whenever I am going to paint, my number one rule is that I have to be feeling it totally. I never attempt to paint unless I feel inspired, because it just won’t work and I’ll end up resenting it. I make a space and I love to burn incense or diffuse lavender oil. I always paint to music, my go-to is my ‘Goddess Marzena’ playlist on Spotify (user mallycats), however lately I’m really into listening to music by Froth, Turnover and Morcheeba. 

Q3.  We had so much fun mixing your vintage pieces with LH.  What are your favourite pieces to match back with current fashion styles?  

You can never go wrong when you pair confidence with any outfit, it’s the thing that gives statement pieces that extra something. I absolutely adore trends from the 70s, and lately that has come back in rotation to modern fashion, you see elements of vintage styles everywhere. I have a big pair of vintage knee-high brown boots that I pair with minidresses, and that’s really my signature going-out look! I love the designs on the dresses from LH, it’s so fun to play around with the modern psychedelia vibes when mixing & matching vintage pieces, plus I love the fact you’re utilising vegan suede!

Our Viridescent Backless Dress makes the perfect beach day to night dress. Pair with slides in the day and switch it up to some knee high boots as the sun sets and your night begins!

Q4.  In addition to your choices in vintage fashion, are there other important decisions you make in your everyday life for sustainable living?  

Sustainable living has snowballed in recent years, and there’s leaps and bounds being made every single day for a better future. It is so important to be mindful in your consumer choices, every time you spend money you are helping shape the kind of world you want to live in. It’s all about process and making positive habits. KeepCups, metal straws, bringing your own cutlery and buying from sustainable local businesses make such a major difference in this world. I follow Kate @plasticfreemermaid and Charlotte @greenerlivingcharlotte on Instagram and they have been such major influences to my own journey and to many others.

A perfect day adventure look… Our Iris Suede Shorts with a vintage velvet poncho and knee high boots

Q5.  What are you top tips for making conscious choices in fashion?  

Fashion is a big area that needs a lot of focus when it comes to sustainability. We are in the era of ‘fast fashion’ and it’s so very damaging. It is very easy to get stuck in the mindset of ‘more more more!!’ and it accounts for such a huge waste and wardrobes full of clothes that people buy for one Instagram post and then never wear again. This year I’ve come down hard on myself and I decided to only shop vintage, handmade or from local businesses that actually make the effort to be mindful of their own footprint. We have the ability to really make a positive impact on this world, and it’s up to all of us to individually make decisions that benefit the collective. The world provides enough for everyone’s need, but not for everyone’s greed, I’m so stoked to be able to work alongside businesses that promote a greener way of living!

With hopes this inspires you to get adventurous with your clothing styling…

Try pairing your own LH pieces with those vintage treasures we know you own and love!

Model: Mallory Lazuli @mallorylazuli

Photographer: Tash Scheiner @ahhtash

Clothing: Liberated Heart and Mallory’s own vintage pieces




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