With festivals continually blooming worldwide, we are always hunting for style secrets from the babes who know whats up when it comes to festival styling. From hairstyles to favourite fruity trends… We soak up this knowledge like the air we breathe in because like you all, our Liberated Heart team absolutely lives for festivals and the adventurous fashion manifested.


To bring a little more styling magic into existence, we joined forces with goddess Brittni Geeves @brittnigeeves for a real dreamy grunge shoot. Whilst creating together Brittni let us in on some of her most loved festival fashion/MHU secrets. Cast your eyes below to get the style lowdown from this festival queen…

Brittni rocks her Lucid Dreaming Halter and Bells with a choker harness and belt to pull off that edgy leather/chains look that’s trending big time right now. A killer look thats super easy to replicate… Just add some black chunky boots!

You Instagram gives the goods for style inspo! How do you stay inspired to constantly come up with new looks?
I think my inspiration comes from anything that is original. If I see a unique look, I like to try and elaborate on that style and create my own look. For example I did a look with safety pins through my hair and loved the end result. So quirky and interesting little things like that generally trigger new ideas.
What is your favourite occasion to get all dressed up for?
My favourite occasion to get dressed up for would be any festival that allows you to be totally free with what you’re wearing. I think expressing yourself through style is amazing. It really empowers how you feel as a person. I think to come up with something that you LOVE despite judgment and to be able to WEAR IT, is super liberating. It also somehow unifies people together. I’ve found at festivals no matter how crazy the outfit is, there will always be someone who loves it.
  Again with the black leather   our babe rocks her Lucid Dreaming Set with an epic black leather ringed skirt. Britt adds some iridescent face jewels to create a look of grunge meets cosmic… A perfect combo!
What are your go to necessities that you can’t live without for a festival?
I most definitely couldn’t live without my black platform boots! They are so comfortable and go with completely anything! I literally feel like I could hike in them!  I always make sure I have a cute little back pack and an iPhone battery charger. My phone always dies within the first few hours of festival fun!
Top tips on getting festival ready to ensure you’re looking as fruity as can be?
 My top tips would be to get ready with the best people ever! Great company and positive vibes makes the getting ready process so much fun ! Add something sparkly and eye catching ! Weather its something colourful in your hair or some really cute face gems and glitter! I always use hair gel to set my face glitter instead of paw paw ointment  because it drys on the skin rather than it transferring!

 All about those lace up black boots… Britt shows us whats up in her Vitality Eco Set roadside in the hills of Byron
Do you have a fool proof festival makeup look? If so run us through it!!!
OH YES!! I always leave a lot of time before the festival for my makeup and plan what I’m doing for it the night before. Being organised is a priority before hand. The first thing would 100% be to make sure whatever foundation you are wearing is LONG LASTING! I’ve come home after a full day of festival fun and it wasn’t all that great of a sight haha! I always add a lot of high lighter on my cheek bones, nose, inner corners of my eyes, eye brow bone and top lip to really get everything poppin’.  Lately I’m obsessed with bold winged eye liner to try and keep it super glam and then I keep really full lashes lying around because I think that brings the look together the most. I line my lips and add some gloss to keep them moisturised for the day. I generally stay away from lipstick just because I don’t want to stress about it coming off during the day.
What is your go to festival hairstyle at the moment?
My go to hair style right now would have to be half up and half down! I used to wear it all down a lot but recently found that wearing the front off my face with a high pony works better especially if you’re dancing. Naturally, I have really curly hair so styling it with bouncy curls and adding extra long hair extensions lasts all day and hides any of my natural curl that maSZWy kink through the day. Also, I like wearing the top up because it allows me to get creative with braids and O rings or coloured thread for something a little extra. I feel like you can never be too extra for a festival
What style trend are you loving right now?
 Oh this is a tough question ! There are so many that I love. At the moment would have to be anything neon and bright. I’m adoring those vintage jackets that are super eye catching or those matching pant and crop sets that incorporate neon colours. Chaps are also a new favourite. I think the most fun is getting inspired from the early 2000’s and adding some braid work into the hair too.
Favourite ways to rock your LH?
I love the diversity that LH has to offer! You can really get creative with any piece and festival it up or keep it for a more day to day look! I always rock LH with some amazing boots and some face glitter! The colours are all so bright so if I want to add more colour into my hair it intertwines perfectly! For a more casual look I love to pair it with some fitted white ankle shoes and an envelope side bag!


What LH print are you lusting over right now?
I’m Lusting the Vitality print. The deep purple is the perfect shade and the colours really stand out. In different light I love how it can sometimes look more magenta, cooler or deeper purple !
How do you liberate your heart?
 I liberate my heart through inspiring other girls to have the creative freedom and confidence to wear whatever they feel beautiful in. Wether it would be at a festival or to your local super market, its so important that you feel empowered and completely confident being who you are as an individual. I don’t want other girls to feel any pressure to look a certain way or to dress based on a stereotype that society depicts as ‘beauty’. So if it means that my last post in some hectic outfit gave you any kind of inspiration to wear the things you’re scared to wear then that is my soul and heart well liberated. Its all about having fun and feeling great on the inside to unleash your inner creative desires.

Thank you to gorgeous Brittni for providing the goods
With hopes this little style lowdown has sparked many an idea for your next festival!

Model: Brittni Geevs @brittnigeeves
Garments: Liberated Heart @liberatedheart

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