Imagine a life without music… Empty voids of silence… A life without a soundtrack… Nothing to feel the rhythm or move your body… NO MUSIC FESTIVALS!!!


The truth is, life would loose a sense of magic if music ceased to exist. A uniquely special connection is present between humans and music. It unifies crowds together with the collective human experience. It infuses feelings throughout the body with it’s ability to completely change a state of mind. Music is something that holds a special place with the essence of Liberated Heart. We are always on the hunt for epic new artists.

With that in mind… Introducing Tori Roe @toriclueless, Aussie House DJ / Producer who creates insane tunes and rocks pink hair like no one else can. In a heavily male dominated industry, it’s incredibly empowering to see fellow chicka’s like Tori out there totally killing it in the DJ scene! We got to know Tori a little better as she gave us the inside scoop on life as a DJ.


Tori wears her Lucid Dreaming Set in Eco Fabric… Matching her gorgeous all pink look like a dream 💗

First things first, how did you end up where you are today? What inspired you to become a DJ?

When I first started clubbing I didn’t see many female DJ’s around until I saw Alison Wonderland playing a set at Ivy in Sydney and realised I could probably do that too! Fast forward 4 and a half years, a whole lot of hard work and crazy times and I’m lucky enough to be travelling and doing this as a full time job, it’s literally a dream come true.

What is a typical day like for you?

Haha I would have to say I don’t actually have a typical day! During the week it’s usually pretty chilled out and involves things like studio time, searching for new music, business meetings and keeping on top of my social media. On a weekend or when I’m on tour it usually involves super early start times, lots of flights around the country/ hotels/ meetings/ shows and very little sleep!

What was the most valuable piece of advice you received when starting out as a DJ?

It would have to be to just stay in your own lane and do your own thing! There is no point trying to copy what everyone else is doing- that would get boring super fast and I think being unique has actually worked in my favour!

If one song was the soundtrack to your life, which would it be?

Probably Electric Feel by MGMT! It never fails to make me stop what I’m doing and dance around the room like a crazy person! Such good vibes.

How does music inspire the way you live your life?

I’m one of those people that can’t sit in silence. No matter what I’m doing I need to be listening to music! I love music that makes you feel something, and the fact that you can match your music to your mood. Being able to play a track that you have created to a room full of people is one of the best feelings in the world and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!


What is your go to outfit for a night out djing?

I like to wear something colourful and fun that matches my personality while I’m on stage! Everyone is looking at you so you may as well give them something cool to look at! I also have a couple of pairs of flatform boots which are comfy and easy to jump around in!

 How would you describe your personal style?

I would say it’s very 90’s inspired! I love wearing lots of colour and patterns and fabrics like velvet, PVC and sequins!


What is your favourite way to rock LH?

I can’t go past styling LH with some super cool sunglasses and earrings to match!


Which LH piece would take the cake as your favourite?

I am absolutely in love with the Vitality Eco Set! The colours match my hair and the pattern is so mesmerising!


How do you liberate your heart?

By surrounding myself with positive, fun, likeminded people!


Tori about to boss out on stage for her set at Ministry of Sound in Lucid Dreaming… PS. our kaleidoscopic prints glow all kinds of crazy under blacklight!!


Thank you to Tori for giving us an insight into your musical world!

Model: Tori Roe @toriclueless

Garments: Liberated Heart @liberatedheart

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