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hai guys, my nerm is merieh and i just want to say firstly that you guys rock.

this month we are doing staff edits, where we choose our current fav garments (very difficult) and run around byron taking photos so you guys can get to know us a little more.

i was first! i am currently obsessing over everything peruvian visions, and also how versatile the garments are because i can mix and match them back with my stuff from other collections. obv its freezing right now so i am enjoying layering and wearing big yetti esc jumpers/boots/ etc

a little bit about me – i am lucky enough to work for the kewlest brand ever, as creative director which i love because i am super creative and it fulfils me to be able to represent a company that is not just about clothes, its also about spreading a positive message of self worth, love and freedom.

this sequence of photos is basically my life on a daily basis when im not hanging at casa blu with the team or visiting Kauai my home. i like to explore byron – it really is the best place ever, as well as play with my bunny Kiedis (named after Anthony Kiedis of RHCP) read magazines & guzzle red wine.

i hope you enjoy these pics & they inspire you to be YOU

Love Mariah xxx



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