STAFF STYLE: daisy void


Ohhh hi petals..I’m daisyvoid and i do the farrshion designing here at LH.

It’s so much bloomin-fun twerking with the wizzard, Colin H and his masterpiece prints whilst mincing around in the casa blu mermaidian hq made up of iridescent blown-glass sculptures and a symphony of talented girlfriends.

Anyway, enough about all that. I guess you’re wondering what I’m into wearing atm?! . I’m totes feeling plain solids pieced back with bold printed garments- as you can see in my photo display:)  I’m also into the contrast of wearing either baggy up top and tight down below- or vice versa…

I got my man clarky dinosaur to take these pictures bc that’s who I like to spend most of my time with.. If we’re not hanging at the beach or at a pretty lookout we’re road tripping in Celeste, my 70s Merc. And if we’re not road tripping were at home with our bunnies, miss mushroom and king oreo biscuits.

I dig my Machu Picchu sheer layered maxi so much bc it’s not just a skirt, it tells a tale of adventure and mysticism. It also sculpts the figure lovingly creating shape in all the right places.. I also luv my Machu Picchu velvet crop tee and pompom sweater bc let’s face it, velvet is just dead sexaye.. And I love anything that highlights my green eyeballs.

The end. Come again.


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