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We are so excited to bring to you part 1 of drop 2 PERUVIAN VISIONS.

Rose Gold Highs is one of our utmost favourite prints & we hope you like it. Playing off on rich auburn coppers, mixed with dusty pinks & apricot hues this vintage inspired print is a must have for every LH gal.

It was the most freezing morning unleashed upon us in Byron, Mimi had just arrived back from Merica & Josh Hedge our wicked photographer – Bali

We were all huddled up in our ‘Aura Blanket’ samples (coming soon) and watching Mimi channel her inner bad ass biker babe, which was easy for her due to recent ventures clutching on to the back of a ‘Sons of Gratitude’ artist//bikie riding through the California Desert.

Mimi’s rugged dreadlocked hair that had been building up from day after day at the beach, mixed with burgundy smokey shadows & copper metallic eye liner from our fav new cosmetics brand ‘eye of horus’ played on her emerald green eyes & tanned skin.

model: mimielashiry
photographer: joshhedge
creative direction/make up: @mariahhumanbean

All garments featured are now live on www.liberatedheart.com
Biker boots pulled from our fav vintage shop in Byron @trashbyronbay
Creepy cool eye ball gems from www.ktferriscreations.com
Make up www.eyeofhoruscosmetics.com


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