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RAVE CAVE has arrived!


slick black walls surround, ricocheting beats of the earth. inner tribal instinct ensues as your body moves now. no thought process, just energy.

introducing our new OMNIVERSE limited edition set – RAVE CAVE

lush velvet fabric sets off the textured quality of this tripsy gypsy print, mottled earthy colours pop against black bejewelled placement.

inspired by long summer nights spent gazing at the moon whilst writhing around in sand to glitchy tribal beats…

we shot the beautiful @amandagylling wearing smokey earth purple shadows by @eyeofhoruscosmetics blending into bronzed skin, textured hair swept into a high pony – our go to for dancing in this heat… it was pure luck that we found such a perfect location that added to the inspo behind this rad print.


model: @amandagylling
photographer, hair&mu, creative direction: @mariahprofresh


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