Pixie’s Party x Abeautifulweirdo 

Charlotte from a beautiful weirdo shot out latest print brought to you in a beautiful velvet set.

When you journey under the mushroom realm and join the dance of the pixie, you dare to be transformed by bountiful magic forever…

Coming at you is our latest psychedelic print creation… Pixie’s Party!

In the all time favourite LH velvet set, Pixie’s Party pops through the light. The rich colours bring out your daring side! Style this set with chunky festival boots and bring your audacious self to the party!

The luscious hues of warm reds, pinks and purples in this trippy fabric fusion inspire dreams of liberation towards a mystic form of self expression.

Match with some retro sunnies and some glittery boots for an ultimate party look. All the rad sunnies in this shoot are from Trash @trashbyronbay!

This classic LH set style features a Halter with seamless neck piece loop and adjustable backstrap, as well as a skirt that pulls on with a soft waistband. These sets are made to get fruity in, providing ultimate comfort and style.

Embrace the thrill of rocking a daring outfit by teaming Pixie’s Party with a black leather fringe jacket and some thigh high boots for an outfit that screams style.

This magical shoot was brought to life by photographer and creative designer Charlotte @abeautifulweirdo. Whilst shooting we got to know a little bit more about Charlotte and her artistic inspirations…

In conversation with Charlotte

Charlotte, at this point in time, what is your calling?

 At the moment, I am really trying to focus on growing my brand. I really feel that A BEAUTIFUL WEIRDO is a complete reflection of my personality and my sense of humour and style. It’s me through and through and if you enjoy creating stuff that makes you happy, why not keep on doing that, you know? I am off back to the UK in May for a month so it is a lot of planning collaborations for whilst I am in Europe, designing new product and ranges and basically having fun whilst doing it!

Glitter is always a must when transforming into an ultimate festival goddess… Especially with Pixie’s Party.

Please remember ECO-FRIENDLY glitter is the only way to go!


Tell us a bit about your business Abeautifulweirdo, how did it manifest? Have you always been a creative?

 A Beautiful Weirdo does indeed have a bit of a story behind it.

I landed my dream job straight out of University as a product and set designer (I had previously studied Fashion Accessories at the London College of Fashion and a printed Textiles degree) . This job was amazing!  I got to travel frequently to India, Thailand, China and all over Europe Paris, Milan and Stockholm. I did that job for over 6 years but it had run its course and I was burnt out and actually over designing things that were no longer stimulating or inspiring to me.

So I decided to leave everything behind and take myself off travelling with the intention of not designing again. I set off on my one-way ticket, burnt out and over city life (which I never thought I would say) and after a few months away, doing things and visiting places that inspired me and me alone, in my own time my creativity returned in abundance.

I have now been in Australia for 4 years and I really believe everything happens for a reason.  A Beautiful Weirdo was born out of being brave enough to accept a new change and challenge.

Taking the plunge of setting a business up in another country hasn’t been an easy route.  You should have seen my families reaction when I said I had quit my job and had booked a one way ticket, let me tell you it didn’t go down well.   But I tell you what, when you are designing for yourself or like minded companies, doing the thing you love, there really is nothing like it and it just feels right! My family of course are now in full support!

Adorn your body with chunky funky jewels such as these gorgeous rings by @abeautifulweirdo to compliment the bold statement of this epic print.


Your skills are so diverse, is there any particular area you see yourself focusing on and why? 

I have always designed and art directed from when I started my design career, but my photography has really been something that I had the time to explore whilst being away travelling.

In order to freelance (especially in another country) you have to think outside of your box, your reality. I have always had the tools to do this but when you are put out of your comfort zone you have to think quick and give it your all!

I have really discovered I love film and also art directing and the beauty of having your own business and creative agency is you can literally make anything happen. It’s hard work but if you want to create you will always find a way.


What fuels your fire – your driving that pushes your creativity?

What pushes my creativity is that I simply do not see myself doing anything else. This is me and this is the way I have always been.I really feel that I have always been creative, always a project on the go of some kind, its just the way I have always, I get ant in my pants if I don’t have some kind of outlet.

I have seen both sides of the coin having worked for other companies and also for myself and I know that if I can do it for myself and love it and it pays my bills and makes me happy that’s success for me, (I’m pretty sure Tom Petty also said that haha, so I am in good company)

Your recent shoot for LH was magical, what drew you to our latest print Pixie’s Party?

Thank you so much! It was a total pleasure to shoot and style your epic new set! I love that it is so rich in colour and vibrant in a moody way. I really wanted to create 2 strong looks for this set as its both moody and also so playful! Hopefully I achieved that.


And tips for young creatives?  

My tips for young creatives are my path is not for everyone. I landed my ‘dream’ job, thought ‘I had it all’ only to leave it and throw caution to the wind and take a chance on myself. You have to be really honest with yourself, if it is/isn’t working for you and be prepared to work for your dreams.  Not many people realize this and I was luckily enough to recognise that something wasn’t working for me. Through all this, see the humour in EVERYTHING!

It was not an easy decision but I simply took a chance for myself and A Beautiful Weirdo and ultimately if something is filling your cup, making you happy, inspiring you, you make sure as hell you run with it!!


Head to to shop of Charlottes beautiful creations!

Indulge in the mysteries of the mushroom terrain with Pixie’s Party. Get lost in a musical rhythm or vision, allowing an otherworldly venture to begin…

Pixie’s Party available NOW!

Model: @ka_suumi

Photographer/Jewellry: A Beautiful Weirdo @abeautifulweirdo

Sunnies: Trash Vintage @trashbyronbay

Clothing: Liberated Heart @liberatedheart



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