There’s nothing better than mixing vintage treasures with pieces of the now. Something about that old and new combination really speaks words of true styling genius.

Digging real deep into the Liberated Heart archives here at HQ, a realisation was discovered amongst our team of the evolution the brand has seen and the creations that have surfaced throughout the years. Since our first ever collection, we have grown a strong sense of who we are and our purpose, all while our garments and prints have continued to flourish.


Ultimate babe Brooke Madsen @brookemadsen and photographer Tash Scheiner @ahhtash brought to life this epic retro vibes shoot, showcasing some of our new and vintage LH pieces. For us it was fascinating to see how although these pieces were made within years of each other, they blend together as if they were from the same collection.


Not only did this give us a renewed appreciation for our past collections, it made us realise how effectively the old can be made new again!

PS. All of these pieces are still available! (we found some cheeky last ones hiding in our warehouse)

Snapped in front of a gorgeous rustic door way setting, Brooke rocks her vintage Voodoo Flower Crop Tee with a new pair of Iris Suede Shorts. This combo emits all kinds of stylish simplicity as the all black bottoms allow the top’s psychedelic nature do all the talking. The brown colour palette gives off a real mellow vintage vibe, especially when paired with the black shorts, waist pouch belt and @trashbyronbay yellow tinted sunnies. This outfit would look rad with a pair of chunky biker boots for an awesome transitional outfit between day and night.

Vintage LH: Voodoo Flower Velvet Crop Tee

New LH: Iris Vegan Suede Short (these babies are on sale!)

Grooving around this epic retro shack Brooke’s next outfit combo melds a vintage Valhalla Cropped Tee with a pair of Oracle Shorts. The warm hues of these two different prints compliment each other oh so perfectly! This look can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion but we are loving it as a day look paired with some @trashbyronbay turtle shell Cobains and brown leather boots!

Vintage LH: Valhalla Velvet Crop Tee

New LH: Oracle Shorts

Lusting over this epic retro house! The perfect setting to bring out the raw beauty in vintage pieces whilst also giving us all kinds of inspo

While these @trashbyronbay sunnies aren’t old LH, pairing them with a new LH Amorous Set creates an epic contrast between retro accessories and fruity garments of the now! Pair with a vintage pair of brown cowboy boots and you have a perfect outfit for a day spent in the sunshine.

Vintage: Retro sunnies

New LH: Amorous Halter and Skirt Set

Restyling vintage clothes helps to minimise wastage in the fashion industry. Its the same theory as reduce, reuse, recycle; giving new life to items already made. So by creating vintage combos you not only get a new outfit but help Mother Nature too! A seriously win win situation!!

We’d love to see your new and vintage LH outfits to discover what other mind bending combos are out there! Don’t forget to tag @liberatedheart and #vintageLH

Model: Brooke Madsen @brooke.madsen

Garments: Liberated Heart @liberatedheart // Sunnies @trashbyronbay

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