Marina Katsiliss | Euro vacay

An interview with Marina Katsiliss

Meet our girl Marina Katsiliss @marinakatsiliss

She’s just come back from Europe and given us some hot tips for a Euro vacay!

Q: What was your fav country, city & why ?

A: I loved catching up with my relatives in the Greek islands, mostly Kos. The water was crystal clear and not a cloud in the sky the whole time we were there. Kos is the most chilled island and has the most delicious food as well !

Q: What was your craziest experience ?

A: My craziest experience while traveling on this trip would have to be in Nisyros.

I was standing inside a volcano and an earthquake happened to be the next day.

Q: Your number 1 travel tip ?

A: As crazy as it sounds and how good it is moving around but don’t constantly move every few days to different places, spend a minimum 2 weeks in one place blending in with the locals and experiencing the village life.

Q: When packing for Europe don’t forget your….

A: CAMERA !! Definitely the camera.  There’s so much beautiful scenery you can’t get enough of.

Also, I can’t forget to pack all my Liberated Heart. The beautiful patterns match with the

colourful scenery of Greece, the earthy tones as well as the cool tones.

Oh yeah and don’t forget your passport !


Q: What not to do when you land in Europe

A: Be wary of which taxi driver your traveling with and make sure the driver you chose is a taxi licensed driver.

Q: Where do you want to go back to most and why?

A: Definitely the island Symi in Greece.  It has the most beautiful scenery and the most delicious restaurants. The market stalls are so creative, with lots of hand made ceramics and paintings.

Q: We love how you rock your LH, any style tips for our LH babes?

A: My fave tips would be to wear it simple, with a pair of platform boots, awesome sunnies and a sick pair of earrings. Another tip is colour coordinate the outfit with matching coloured accessories. Also, mesh goes with my LH so well; one of my LH sets with a long sleeve black mesh top over it is my go-to outfit !!

Q: What do you love most about LH?

A: Every time I wear my Liberated Heart out I get so many compliments about the patterns and the colour and I totally agree with them. I’m so in love the beautiful colours and so fascinated with the patterns and designs of the prints. I also find the cuts and style of the tops, skirts, dresses etc extremely flattering !! The Liberated Heart Instagram account is my favourite page and love the magical vibe that spreads throughout the LH Insta feed.

Model: Marina Katsiliss @marinakatsiliss

Clothing: Water set, Fire set & Earth set


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