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Our new print Malachite has landed!!!

Arising in the crystal realm, Malachite exists as guardian of the heart. A calling for transformation through a cleanse of the emotions. This element infuses energy and focus, opening the heart in abundance to new experiences. Love for self, love for others, love for all beings of existence. Absorb the vibrations of Malachites. Feel the energy flow through your heart chakra and revitalise the souls innermost desires.

 Malachite x @iamkristenrose and @madeofchanel

LH x Twins Kirsten @iamkristenrose and Shaniah @madeofchanel 
at Splendour in the Grass 2018

To unearth this print of psychedelic goodness we couldn’t go past babe’n twins Kristen and Shaniah and what better place to launch than one of our faves Splendour in the Grass!!! As always, the twins rocked some epic styling, taking our new pieces  to the next level of festival fruitiness.

Kristen’s Style

Kristen rocks our Malachite Matching Set! This style features our signature A-Line skirt style and matching Cami in the softest velvet.

And do you want to know what makes this set even more deliciousssss ?! It’s made right here in AUSTRALIA! Yes you read correctly… We are moving all production back to Australia, supporting local businesses and staying well out of the way of the nasty mass production industry!

Outfit Details:

Matching Set: LH MALACHITE Matching Velvet Set

Sparkles: Glo Tatts @glotatts

Necklace: Feather Stoned @featherstoned_

Harnesses (body and leg) and bumbag: Living the Gleam @livingthegleam

Boots: ROC @rocboots


Shaniah’s Style

Shaniah wears our MALACHITE Bandeau and Bloomers! Both these styles are brand new to LH yay! Bandeau features a strapless velvet design and Bloomers feature a high waisted style with just the right amount of cheeky coverage. And you guessed it, both are made right here in AUS!

Outfit Details:

Bandeau: LH Malachite Velvet Bandeau (pre-order here!)

Bloomers: LH Malachite Velvet Bloomers (coming oh so soon)

Sparkles and Hair Accessorie: Glo Tatts @glotatts

Boots: ROC @rocboots


Happy Splendour Snap!

Garments | Liberated Heart @liberatedheart

Models | Kristen Antrobus @iamkristenrose / Shaniah Antrobus @madeofchanel




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