Lucid Dreaming captured through the eye of a lover…

Artistic endeavours transcend into a deeply multidimensional realm when human feelings are infused. A picture becomes alive as the emotional state of the creator flows through the body, fuelling the vehicle of art making practise. Individuals, upon observation, are subject to absorbing these glimmers of human sentiments. Onlookers are allured to venture into the psyche, where an individual odyssey of feelings is encountered. Each unique, each speaking with the spirit in a way that can inspire a multitude of responses. This is the beauty of art. Every spirit resonates differently to the visual and emotional work at hand, admiring the beauty of an art piece created from the soul.


Photography created between two lovers is one of the purest forms of emotion through art. The model emits a complete freedom in body language with a smouldering passion through their eyes. Gazing towards their lover, a magical moment is captured by the camera. By the lover who reveals the most beautiful angles of their model, both physically and spiritually.

Art is created; glowing with the precious emotions only ever experienced between twin flames.

Cosmic lovers Agne @loveagne and Jesse @_jesserichmond_ created this epic shoot, showcasing the magic of their connection in this soft grassy landscape. Agne and Jesse are the ultimate festival duo. Venturing far and wide, this couple rock an insane amount of killer festival outfits as well as provide ultimate styling inspiriation. Possessing talent in photography, both Jesse and Agne infuse their art form with a real passion for the beauty of individuality. These two snap the most beautiful pictures of each other together with their enchanting experiences wherever they go.

In this shoot Jesse captures snaps of Agne in her Lucid Dreaming Set in Eco. The soft colours of this set compliment the surrounds of this shoot oh so perfectly, an ultimate pastel colour palette. Agne styles her set with two incredibly wearable hairstyle looks, perfect for an afternoon spent in the sunshine:

Look 1

Beachy waves and a light pink fluffy beret as well as chunky platform boots


Look 2

High ponytail together with statement earrings and chunky platform boots

This beautiful shoot inspires feelings of pure freedom in a happiness fuelled atmosphere. Of lazy afternoons spent with a lover. Just two individuals bound together in a connection so powerful. Forgetting all else except each other while still living in the present. Revelling in the electrifying joy filling the mind, body and soul. A moment in time to remain in for eternity.

With hopes this inspires a renewed appreciation for the beauty of photography as well as the power it can express.

Model: Agne @loveagne

Photographer: Jesse @_jesserichmond_

Garments: Liberated Heart @liberatedheart








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