Introducing our latest Liberated Heart print… Lucid Dreaming


“Transcending from the grasp of reality, you uncover a gateway to the betwixt realm. Co-existing in dreams and reality your limitless desires are awoken through lucidity. The bright hues of freedom engulf you as your true soul spirit dances wildly amongst the clouds. In utter freedom of the mind… anything is possible.”


River Johnson @rivermagick looking cosmic in her Lucid Dreaming Eco Set


This gorgeous piece of art was created by graphic designer Tash Scheiner @ahhtash. As the name suggests,Tash was inspired by the magical complexities surrounding lucid dreaming as well as the gateway between dreams and reality. What came to be is this beautiful print, enlivened by these two concepts combined. An iridescent white flows throughout the patterns in contrast to the gorgeous colour palette of soft blue, pink, lavender and peach tones.


To introduce this print, we couldn’t think of anyone more suited than festival fairy River Johnson @rivermagick

Together River and photographer Tash Scheiner ventured into the hills of Byron, to find the perfect shoot location… The result is this gorgeous collection of images, featuring River doing her thing amongst a charmingly rustic home and it’s freaky plant life.

This trippy new print is alive in Eco Fabric to create the ever popular Matching LH Halter and Skirt Set while still keeping mother nature in mind. Also dropping in Lucid is the LH bells for an alternatively groovier look, perfect for babes heading into the cooler months of the year!

  Chillen’ with River in her Lucid Dreaming Eco Halter and Bells

Style Lucid with some eco glitter as well as some silver or pastel coloured face jewels for an epically cosmic look. For boots, we suggest wearing something in a silver, white or pastel colour to keep those heavenly vibes going. River rocks an epic pair of soft pink velvet chunky platforms to compliment her Lucid Set. While on the theme of pastels, some tinted sunnies in pale blue, pink or purple look a treat!


Allow the lucid mysteries to entice you into the unknown. Venture through the gateway of your imagination and find freedom in your dreams…

The magic behind the photos… Sneaky BTS pic of Tash snapping off the shots while River rocks it infront of the lense

Print Artist: Tash Scheiner @ahhtash

Model: River Johnson @rivermagick

Photographer: Tash Scheiner @ahhtash

Clothing: Liberated Heart: @liberatedheart


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