Hidden wonderland found…

A collective euphoria creeps into the souls of all upon the arrival of the New Year. Another cycle twirling around the sun draws to completion and celebrations begin!

Flourishing within the magical lands of Glenworth Valley was Lost Paradise Festival, a beacon to all in search of unforgettable New Years shenanigans. Paradisians were treated to more than just a 4 day music festival boasting a killer lineup… Lost proved to be an experience like no other.

Babes @livpd in Indigo Child Set – @beckegan in Aurora Festival Robe – @lillihutchings in Vitality Halter

Physically descending into the valley of the festival, more than just mobile phone reception is lost. Sense of location in the world disappears, ego’s vanish and any feelings of everyday normalities cease to exist. You’re left with a crowd of beautiful humans adorned in costumes from the psychedelic to the hilarious, all heading for a place to get funky.


@ntwlsh getting amongst it in her Viridescent One Piece teamed with her Aurora Festival Robe

Spotted twining their Liberated Heart @biancasorbello rocking her Afterglow Set – @briannasorbello in some vintage LH

 @laura_hamilll showing us how to rock the Indigo Child set right

Happiness was found everywhere as tribes of festival goers filled their days finding zen in the Shambala Fields or simply relaxing by the river bed as the K-Sub Beach Club pumped some wicked DJ sets. The Lost Village hosted a plethora of delicious food stalls to delight the taste buds and nourish the bodies of all, while just a short shimmy away treasures could be discovered within the stalls of the markets.

Our LH babe @nataschaelisa all dressed up and ready to get bendy in the Shambala Fields in her Viridescent halter and bells, both a part of our Eco Fabric range.

Those gorgeous summer arvo vibes didn’t disappoint as chilled out bands fuelled the souls of individuals who gathered in their groups around the Arcadia Stage to share the mellow good times.

@ntwlsh dressed up ready to venture from the campgrounds, decked out in Aurora: festival robe + velvet cami and shorts

As the sun set over Paradise each night, all creatures of party emerged covered in glitter, insane outfits and beaming smiles! Music emitted from every which way: Arcadia Stage, Lost Disco, Paradise Club, My Mums Disco and K-Sub.

A genre for all, so different yet working so perfectly together in harmony. Dancing freaks moved in a musical haze from stage to stage as the moshes became alive with pure universal ecstasy.

Dream team @mimielashiry and @nataschaelisa… Natascha wears her Aurora shorts and cami.

World class musicians charged the crowd with an electricity that grew in insane intensity as New Years Eve approached, this years dress up theme being ‘Alter Ego’. Anticipation grew stronger and stronger until finally the party exploded as Client Liaison transported all into 2018 with their ridiculously groovy sounds.

Screams, cheers and confetti filled the atmosphere in a moment that can only be explained as true happiness and interconnectedness through this shared human experience.

As one, the crowd danced into the New Year until suddenly Lost Paradise was only but a memory. Hidden away again until we reach another complete revolution of our earth around the sun.


Writer: Natalie Welsh @ntwlsh

Clothing: Liberated Heart @liberatedheart


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