We took ten with one of our favourite rainbow drenched power couples, Jade Mary & Madison Holwerda, owners of the ultra cool store,  ‘Tibbs & Bones’ to discuss spirit animals, love, their truly epic clothing store and of course, FESTIVALS!!!


Q. Tell us a little bit about the beginnings of Tibbs and Bones?

Jade: Sure! It feels so long ago! Maddy and I started pretty randomly, with a love for vintage clothing & independent labels we decided to open a little online store! And from there our vision evolved into the magical store we have today. We work bloody hard, but half the time it doesn’t even feel like work when we’re together getting shit done! Oh and also we named the business after our two cats, we may be just a lil obsessed with them.

Madison: It was from very humble beginnings and still is really. Selling vintage at Camberwell Market is how it all started – its funny to think that’s how we started, considering we don’t even sell any vintage anymore!

Q. You’ve just opened up a store in Northcote, Melbourne – and judging from your ‘gram it seems like a pretty glittery place! What’s your favourite part of the store?

Jade: Hmm that’s really hard to say! Well, being that I am a glitter girl, the front window by our pal Cut Throat On The Street is filled with My Little Ponies in clouds, so I would have to say there.

Madison: Easily my favourite part is the changeroom, I go in there at the start of everyday without fail!

Q. What LH pieces are you loving right now?

Jade: AH too many to choose!! Um, the Deja Vu Set for sure!



Madison: Loving the Deja Vu long sleeve shirt – super magical colours! And the beauty is Jade can steal it when she wants too hehe

Q. What was the last song you listened to?

Jade: Do It 4 U by Machine Drum! It’s one of the many tunes I have rotating in my ‘girl boss’ music category – whatever that means hehe #slay

Madison: SEX by Black Loops

Q. What’s next for Tibbs and Bones?


Madison: A store in Los Angeles!

Q. Couldn’t live without…?

Jade: Oh god… So many things!! Maddy, our critters, our pals, scrambled eggs, tooth flossers, Aldi chocolate (seriously – try it) and face glitter.

Madison: My Jadey, all of our magical friends, Music, Food and Beer

Q. You guys recently got engaged (congrats!) What are your plans for the big day?

Jade: Thank you! We are soooo excited. We have just finalised all the plans for our upcoming Love Fest (engagement) so we are pretty stoked on that – We haven’t nutted that out the actual wedding just yet, but I can say it will involve the Yarra Valley (where we both grew up) and copious amounts of bubbles.

Madison: Hehe Thank you! Man… I cant bloody wait to call Jade my wife, she is just the best! Our engagement party (LOVE FEST) is in a few weeks, I need that to be over, before I start thinking of the wedding. BUT… what she said hehe

Jade. With all of the wild party outfits you guys stock, we’re guessing you love a musical gathering… What’s your fave festival and why?

Jade: Rainbow Serpent takes the cake. The magical vibes at that festival are too much to handle, and when you’re surrounded by your BFF’s it makes for a pretty incredible experience.

Madison: 100% Strawberry Fields.. I think its so close to my heart as it was my first Doof, if you can call it that. The Vibe, the loco and the line up is alway a stella mix of artists!

Q. What’s your spirit animal?

Jade: Either a CAT or a UNICORN depending on my mood.

Madison: Probably a Liger

Q. Describe your other half in three words…

Jade: Calm, kind & a KING

Madison: Loving, Funny and an absolute QUEEN BEE


Tibbs and Bones stock your favourite Liberated Hearts styles, so get on over to their rainbow drenched store @tibbsandbones or visit them at 394 High St, Northcote in Melbourne’s north.



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