A LH style gathering of our beautiful team to inspire and manifest our intentions for the year upon us…

Nestled amongst the luscious hills of Byron’s Hinterland is our Liberated Heart HQ. A place we treasure as a source of tranquility, inspiration and interconnectedness between nature, ourselves and one another. We love nothing better than an afternoon spent outdoors, nourishing our bodies with delicious Byron Bay picnic platters and expanding our knowledge with rich conversations.

Every once in a while we love to bring our team of creative, empowering women together. We laugh, chatter and soak up the juicy ideas and good vibes that always end up bouncing around.

With our garden flourishing full of natures nutrient rich plant goodies, we were able to put together an epic feast. Our harvest provided the goods to fuel our bodies and allow our conversations to naturally flow into an epic brainstorming session. Being in the early stages of this earth cycle we felt it only natural for us to reflect on our past and therefore delve into the exciting future of Liberated Heart.

Life is all about riding the wave of evolution. Forever changing and rolling with the ebb and flow experiences that arise. The journey of Liberated Heart is much the same. The highs and lows have led us to the place we are today. With our Children of the Rainbow being one of our favourite collections to date, we are excited to see whats around the corner…

Our little meeting brought us from talk of Liberated Heart to reflections of our own personal intentions for the year ahead. This practise is incredibly beneficial in the sense of appreciating where you have grown from and envisioning your position in the future. Some of the questions we asked ourselves were:

  1. What am I most grateful for in my life today?
  2. Where am I today vs where I was this time last year?
  3. Where do I want to be in a year from today and how can I make that happen?

LH nature goddesses Elly @ellymcgaw and Tash @ahhtash harvesting the goods in their Lilac Summer Tri Tops

When diving deep into conversations about life and the future it is crucial to fuel the body with nutritious goodness to allow for maximum brain power. Organically grown produce is the best for the body and definitely tastes more amazing! For our picnic lunch we put together lots of delicious Byron Bay picnic platters, salads and treats to keep the energy flowing.

We thought we’d pass on one of our all-time favourite recipes because it is just too good not to share:


Serving up our kitchen creations, Tori wears the Vitality Eco Halter and Bells

Food presentation is half the fun of creative cooking! These are some of our favourite Byron Bay picnic platters from our LH gathering

Liberated Heart wouldn’t be the same without our awesome team of rock star women. To that we are forever grateful. We hope this post inspires you to think a little deeper and make the conscious choice to fuel your body with the goodness it deserves…


Writer: Nat Welsh @ntwlsh

Clothes: Liberated Heart @liberatedheart Children of the Rainbow Collection








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