Meet Teddi Emerald, one the first LH Girls … when Liberated Heart was still a newly born dream!  At that time we were based out of our vibrant Byron Bay home, full of colour and endless amounts of vision for the LH brand. We have always loved and appreciated Teddi’s deep passion for all she gives her energy too.  Her involvement in LH was the beginning of so many things she has brought her sparkle to and it never ceases to amaze us what this magical woman gets up to.

Now she is the proud owner of Trash Vintage, an iconic clothing store in the heart of Byron Bay.  The eclectic collection found in here is a surprising adventure for vintage clothing shoppers.  A beautiful example of Teddi’s unique style, the store is filled with eclectic pieces selected from all over the globe!

In the past few years Teddi has, and continues to expand her awareness in all kinds of aspects of health, conscious living, spirituality and wealth creation.  Her commitment to helping others through her knowledge of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) has been just one of the many modalities she has given her time to. We were so excited to catch up with Teddi and show our love and support to a woman who continually seeks to live with a liberated heart!

Q: Since your days of being an LH girl when Liberated Heart launched, we have loved watching you continually grow and challenge yourself with new ventures.  In addition to your business Trash Vintage and your Tapping health work, what other passions have you pursued?

A: I have loved collaborating with many different creatives throughout Byron, I can’t resist creating things! Whether it be a photo shoot, art, exhibitions, workshops … anything really, its so much more satisfying creating with others.

I have loved learning about the amazing power of our subconscious mind and that is why I adore doing the Tapping. That’s lead me to learn so much more about health and the power that we all hold within ourselves to heal our bodies of dis-ease, or not feeling good … all those kinds of things … that space is always expanding.

The most fascinating thing I’ve been involved with for the last 9 months I would say is crypto currency.  I think this will be something that changes how society functions, (for the better).  I would love to see more people understanding this space and using it to their’s and the earth’s benefit!

Q: How has your personal style been part of owning a business like Trash Vintage?

A: I have loved growing up wearing vintage or second hand clothes (for the most part, when I was early high school I really didn’t dig it) having to make do with what I had really got me into expressing my own individual style, not dressing like everyone else helped me to get comfortable being seen as different, always constantly experimenting with identities.

I think personal style is such a creative expression and a reflection for who we are, what our interests are.  Daring to be different in what we wear also paves the way for individuality in our expression, our thoughts, our voice, and our ideas.

I love that Trash offers this to everyone, wearing something that no one else owns, something that’s unique and makes you feel awesome. That’s what it’s all about, feeling confident in yourself loving being in things that make you feel on top of the world.

Q: You’ve been an LH girl since the beginning, what are some of your all-time favourite pieces?

A: Oh there’s so so many! LH is my all time fav label and its been so beautiful to see the patterns change over the years. I do adore the Oceanides and Spirit Molecule bells.  They are the most epic pieces that I always feel extra groovy in! The Utopia slip dress is divine … the most versatile dress ever!! So many good times in that!

Q: What is your favourite way to style your Liberated Heart?

A: Well I loovveee going overboard for a festival of course.  Every festival I go to I will have LH on completely decked out with whatever magic bling I’ve grabbed from Trash .  If I’m not going extreme festival style I usually will wear the flares with a Harley tee or some other crazy pattern Indian cotton top …. More is always a good option in my eyes, more colour, more fun!!

Q: How do you maintain balance in your busy life when pursuing so many different passions?

A: I honestly can’t answer this question in a way that will give advice to others because I think I am always learning balance, and I am always open for the hot tips!!

 All I can see is that I go after anything and everything that gives me good energy, excitement fun all those kinds of things I will put first in my life. I really admire people that got at 110% and it has helped me to realise that im never really “too tired or too busy” for anything that’s going to lift me up.

Even the most craazzzy busy times in business I will find a way to do a shoot or go for a run with a friend or do something epic together. I think we underestimate what we are capable of …whist we are young and full of ideas and passion, I think go for it!

HOWEVER I do put my health first … I do yoga, meditate, (when I can, I’m not perfect) I eat super healthy, I do emotional maintenance on myself using tapping and by going to other healing practitioners. These things are why I have so much energy for life.

When the mind and body have some TLC we can do anything.

Q: What has led you to or sparked your journey in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT – Tapping)?

A: Not having the confidence within myself, I wanted to work for a creative company but didn’t feel worthy to put myself out there. This lead me to go and get some sessions with an EFT practitioner.  When I saw how quickly my life did a 360 turned around I knew I was onto something! That was 5 years ago when I first came to Byron on holiday … which lead to me extending my holiday and then as if by magic LH appeared … which is exactly what I was wanting … to work for a colourful creative company … not too long after that Trash appeared. Crazy what happens when our mindset is open and ready.

Q: Have you found that through your studies of Tapping, you have gained a new perspective or appreciation of the human body and emotions?

A: Absolutely!  I have learnt that the body is always talking to us and by learning what it’s saying we can move through issues in our life to have more ease.  For example, if there’s an issue with the lower back it’s an indication of financial problems, feeling responsibility of others and not feeling strong/ supported enough.  So nothing is mysterious in the body. Our bodies are turning a thought and feeling into a physical thing, when we know what it is we can change it, leading to healthy bodies and pretty cool lives, hey?!

Q: What is your personal quest?

A: To continue to learn how to live the best way I can and to share that with others. The knowledge of healing ourselves naturally, diet and living the best way for ourselves and the earth. To create businesses and wealth in ways that are in alignment with our souls. To create change within, so we can create change out there.

Q: What brings you in touch with your highest self?

A:  Being in good conversations …. I always get some pretty profound revelations about myself and my view of the world in a good old deep and meaningful! I see myself reflected back in all the beautiful chats I’ve had whether it be at work ,over a tea, doing the light house walk . Lets chat about how we feel, what we desire, the beauty we see, what breaks our heart and what we want to see change.

Q: How can living conscious of one’s innermost self be introduced into everyday life?

A: I have seen for myself that expression and boundaries are important. Not squashing down my voice or thoughts EVEN if they may not be necessarily positive. That it’s safe and ok to feel angry or not ok with something and then to express that to someone. To put my needs first and if that means saying no to friends then so be it.

I have learnt that by always trying to please others but forgetting about myself, I reject my inner self. So by expressing my needs, thoughts, and emotions I am bringing that self out.

Q: In your world, when do you feel you’re most powerful?  What is your expression of true power?

A: I feel really powerful when in the creation and expression process.  I love the energy that brings on.

I think my true power comes out when I’m confident within myself. This can take on so many different faces.

Q: What inspires your excitement for tomorrow?

A: All the epic people I will interact with.  It’s the people that make my world magic ,the connections and conversations that will bring the next adventure!

Q: If you could speak to your younger self, what message would you pass onto her?

A: To take action on all those little creative ideas.  To reach out and try to bring any dreams to life. To go for that road trip even if there wasn’t enough money for it.  To say yes to all the invitations. To dream of fun things to create with others and to start today, because that’s where the adventure, fun and magic is!

To see the body she was in as truly beautiful and to know that she is an incredible being that is loved. And if there was any other thought that was less then that, she would tell it to fuck off and stand firm in her self love and belief.

Q: What inspires your magic?

A: I’m inspired to live the life I dream of, unlimited by anything … to be consciously creating a epic world. To help others to do the same and to remember the magic of themselves. I believe we are in a very interesting time in history and we have so much opportunity.  I want to do what my soul came here to do, to lift the vibration in every way I can and to support others to do the same. We have the power to create epic change for ourselves and the earth. I believe we can do this together and have a damn good time while doing it.

Q: How do you liberate your heart?

A: My heart liberates as my body feels the expression of the universe moving through me, the pleasure of snaking limbs, twirling hips and fast feet.  I feel the pleasure it is to be a woman who is alive and celebrating her own raw existence in dance.

Teddi Emerald @teddiemerald


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