Humans of today’s world possess a plethora of ways to indulge in self expression. Through creativity to movement or music … The possibilities span vastly and often incorporate paths to get back in touch with nature. Liberated Heart revolves around freedom through expression and ways to form a deep connection with the earth. Our love for festivals stems from the celebration of art, music and individuality that is welcomed. As preferred forms of self expression differ from one human to another, it is incredibly inspiring to hear from others what makes their heart and soul sing.


To inspire the creative self expression in us all, we got to know Bella @dryagoddess a little better. Bella is all things you image when thinking of a real life nature faerie. An elfin style clothing clad, nature loving individual who has a real talent for hooping.

Your flow videos are insanely mesmerising… How did you begin hooping?

Thank you! ~ I discovered hooping in 2013 during a transitional point of my life. I attended one of my first transformational festivals, Lighting in a Bottle, and saw the most beautiful faerie-like women dancing with their hoops and was blown away by how graceful they were. A week later I ordered my first hoop and have been flowing since!

Bella looking truly beautiful in her Pixies Party Velvet Set whilst venturing through the desert. When making this set her own, this little nymph wears a vintage Indian Kuchi belt, this epic necklace from @thirdeyepinecones, a leather bag belt, knee high brown fringed moccasins and some rad dreads in her hair

Describe the feeling of being lost in a hooping flow…

Your surroundings become a blur and all you’re focused on is the music, your hoop, and your body. You stop worrying about who’s watching, how you might look, and any insecurities or judgements – you become one with your movements. Those are my purest, most productive flow moments. It’s crazy how connected you can become to a lil plastic circle ♡

Do you have your own signature flow style?

My flow can get fairly techy depending on the music I’m hooping to! I do mostly off-body tricks but I also enjoy slowing things down and dancing with my hoop, and not worrying about how “advanced” my tricks and flow appear.

For someone aspiring to learn this art form, what are some tips to keep in mind?

Be patient with your self ~ Learning a new art form can be daunting and frustrating. There have been plenty of times I wanted to give up on my flow when just starting out because I let my insecurities get the best of me. Most people share their flow on some sort of social media site and it’s easy to get swept away in logistics like views, comments, and feedback. Remember that everyone’s flow is unique and we all progress differently; comparing is toxic to your well being. Love your flow ☆

Your Instagram pictures feature a wonderful assortment of nature’s elements. How do you stay grounded and in touch with nature when life gets hectic?

I love driving up to the mountains surrounding Los Angeles and spending the day taking photographs with my boyfriend and dog Living in a big city is draining. I’d much rather be surrounded by trees, so taking frequent adventures into nature is a must for my mental health.

Which do vibe with most… Earth, sky or ocean and why?

Earth ↟↟ mountain sunsets, tall pines, sage breezes, the smell of campfire, and stargazin’ makes me feel whole. I could spend forever outdoors exploring nature.

How does nature and elements of the earth influence your personal style?

I’m really drawn to warm earthy tones – 90% of my wardrobe consists of browns, greens, yellows, and oranges. I have a lot of funky pieces I wear when trying to give off magical elven forest energy. So many jingly bells, pointed skirts, and flower headpieces.. And organic/eco-friendly clothing, too!

What are your favourite ways to style your Liberated Heart?

I love to style my LH sets with a jingly kuchi belt, my minnetonka boots, and a flowy shawl… if I’m heading to a show I’ll wear a utility belt and lots of glitter

If you could choose your all time favourite LH print, which one would you pick and why?

It’s SO hard to choose but I’m gonna have to go with the first LH piece I ever purchased, the fire set. Instantly fell in love the color + design ♡

How do you liberate your heart?

Photography, sunset drives with the windows down, stargazing, road trips, sitting around a campfire with the people I love, flowing, starting new creative projects, thrifting, & putting together outfits – I could go on & on…


Thank you Bella for giving us a little peak into your magical world!


With hopes this has inspired all to remember to put aside a little time each day to revel in a form of expression. One that vibes with the soul and maybe even gives a little push to ground oneself back amongst nature.


Model: Bella @dryadgoddess

Garments: Liberated Heart @liberatedheart // Bella’s personal treasure chest

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