Groovin the Moo Festival … 6 locations… A killer lineup… An insanely good time!!!

@jessicabrancx In her Fire Set // @cartiamallan rockin her Viridescent Set


Another festival, another rad outfit! For a day festival such as Groovin its a must to ensure you’re groovy get up stays on point as you transition from balmy day to pumping night. Whether you’re hitting up Maitland, Canberra, Wayville, Bendigo, Townsville or Bunbury, we’ve got your festival style and checklist sorted!

1. First things first, lets get the outfit sorted!

Matching Sets

Just in time for Groovin, all of our LH matching sets have been restocked!!! These babies are always a winner for festivals such as Groovin as they are super easy and look the goods. While our sets look magical by themselves, we like to spice things up a little and add a chain belt, funky jewellery or a fruity jacket. These are some of the looks we are loving right now…

@nicoleelloydd in her Oracle Set // Babe @miladattler in her Water Set

Ultimate Festival Queen @spooncer_ in her Utopia Set



A velvet LH dress is always a good idea. Our Velvet Backless Dresses are a perfect alternative to our sets for you festival girls who prefer something a little more edgy. These dresses look rad paired with some leather accessories to channel that real grungy look thats trending at the moment. We are also loving wearing our dresses over mesh tops! See our current favourite dress styling below…

@xvanillacandy looking rad in her Viridescent Dress // Ultimate style with @danikabendt in her Amorous Dress


LH Shorties

Our LH shorties are always a winner with girls who love to get amongst it in the mosh! Super comfy, while still looking real groovy, these babies look epic paired with their matching cami, or styled back with some vintage vibes. We are loving this look by @iamkristenrose who wears our Amorous Shorts with a Love Revolution Third Eye Crochet Top and some rad chaps.

@iamkristenrose in her Amorous Shorts and Love Revolution Crop // @nataschaelisa in her Aurora Cami and @mimielashiry in her Oracle Shorts

2. Cant Forget The Festival Boots!

What is a festival outfit without a pair of trusty boots?! The festival scene has been flooded with a certain pair of festival boots lately… The black leather knee high heeled lace up boots known as the Lash Boots from ROC. These boots are totally epic and compliment any LH outfit perfectly. While this style of boot is heavily trending right now, they aren’t the only option of boots we are loving right now! As an alternative, a pair of Dr Martin style boots or black ankle boots with a small hell look awesome!

Queen @brittnigeeves in her Aurora Backless Dress and @rocboots Lash Boots

LH FESTIVAL TIP: When choosing festival boots, in our eyes comfort is just as important as style. We plan to be dancing our hearts out all day and can’t afford sore feet or nasty blisters! For that reason its always a good idea to ‘wear your boots in’ before you rock them at a festival. If you’re short on time and don’t get a chance, remember to pack some bandaids!

Pixie @ashleyeileenverrall in her Celestial Halter and early Omniverse Daydreams skirt // Babe @miladattler in her Water Set

3. Whats a Festival Without Fruity Makeup

One of the things we love most about festivals is adorning our faces with insane makeup that sadly doesn’t pass in everyday normality. Along with glitter and face jewels, an epic eye shadow look in matching hues to your chosen LH outfit looks amazing!! Here are some of our favourite makeup looks….

@danikabendt looking cosmic in her Air Dress // Babe @lissmorr rocking her Oracle Shorts and Cami

Queen @cosmicdaughter rocking a magical makeup look with @glitter_disco_child

4. Glitter… As Long As Its Environmentally Friendly!

Whether boys or girls… Who doesn’t love to bath themselves in glitter before a festival?! While glitter is always key to getting into the festival mood, its vital to remember the effect it has on the environment. Essentially glitter is just tiny pieces of plastic. As we all know, plastic takes a ridiculously long time to break down, if it ever does! Once it decides to fall off your body it lands on the earth. Once it rains, if it hasn’t already been buried, it then washes into our water ways where it is eaten by our wildlife and pollutes our ecosystems. This one day of looking cool at a festival isn’t feasible for the lifetime of damage it causes to our earth. The solution is easy! BUY BIODEGRADABLE GLITTER!!! It’s no more expensive and makes you feel good that you aren’t contributing to pollution! Our babes at GloTatts stock an epic range of Biodegradable Glitter.. These are our fave looks…

Makeup Fairy @rowisingh rocking her festival glitter // @glotatts babe @sacimata rocking Vitality Skirt

5. A Hat… Coz Dodging The Sun Is Also Super Stylish

We’ve all been there… it’s early arvo, the sun is beating down and you’re in the middle of the crowd absolutely scorching. If an epic hat wasn’t a part of your outfit, this is the time you’re definitely wishing it was! For Groovin, don’t be stuck in this situation yet again. A hat can totally make an outfit pop if you choose the right one. Train driver style caps and felt hats are always trending and look super cute with LH!

Cutie @kathryn.conroy in her Viridescent Set

6. Remember The Shades

Sunnies complete any outfit! We are spoilt for choice with the variety of styles we can get our hands on, from super retro groovers to insane kaleidoscope glasses. Whatever your vibing, sunnies are one thing that you need at Groovin. For a super vintage look, pair your LH with a pair of cat eye or cobain style sunnies. If you’re channelling a real fruity look then kaleidoscope sunnies are your go to, they make you see all kinds of psychedelic and look insane.

@nataschaelisa in her Aurora Cami and Shorties Set

7. A Bag Is Always A Good Idea

For a day festival, a bag is always real handy to bring. To pack all of your festival essentials a cute backpack or small handbag is always a go.

Babe @miladattler in her Water Set


This season its looking like bum bags are going to be big! If you haven’t already seen the latest festival bumbags that are trending right now, then you’re probably thinking ‘Yuck, bumbags, seriously?!’. Don’t worry the style we are talking is definitely not the daggy version you’re picturing in your head. These ones are stylish and sophisticated, made from a leather looking material and resemble a belt with a cute little pouch attached. They totally rock and are super practical as they are the perfect size to fit all your goodies. Added bonus…. They compliment a LH outfit perfectly!

Fairy @earthfawn in her Fire Set // Festival babe @isabellarayx rocking her Aurora Set


Staple items we pack in every festival bag:

☐ Ticket

☐ Re-usable water bottle

☐ Phone

☐ Concealer and powder for makeup touch-ups

☐ Sunscreen

☐ Body Spray


8. Bring A Re-usable Drink Bottle Coz Hydration Is Key

An important thing to keep in mind at a festival is hydration! The last thing you want is to feel sick when you’re jamming out to you’re favourite band. Instead of buying throw away plastic bottles, bring our own re-usable water bottle. The amount of throwaway plastic rubbish used at festivals is beyond ridiculous so do your bit to help minimise this. By bringing your own water bottle you can simply refill it at the water station instead of opting for a nasty plastic cup or bottle every time you need a drink! Re-usable bottles also come in some really cute patterns and styles so theres no reason not to get your hands on one!

@nataschaelisa in her Oracle Shorts and Cami Set

Prepping for a festival can be pretty hectic, so hopefully this little inspo checklist has got you sorted and even more pumped for Groovin. We love seeing all of you babes getting fruity in your LH so don’t forget to tag us in your pics!!!

Writer: Nat Welsh @ntwlsh

Clothing: Liberated Heart @liberatedheart

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