Adorning ones body with clothes is more than just a mundane part of everyday life. Styling is a form of self expression… of art. It serves as vehicle to reveal the inner most craziness of the heart and soul.

When talking freedom in self expression, theres no one who does it better than Brittny Nicole aka @cosmicdaughter. Channeling mega fruity vibes, Brittnys style can be described as a beautiful fusion of psychedelia x crystal magic x unicorn queen x ultimate festival goddess. Her styling is truly a work of art, with every look created being just as epic as the last. Proving to be an endless source of festival style inspo we just had to chat with this mega babe about all things styling.

Glitter buns + LH Viridescent Swim Bottoms

Your vibe is truly one of a kind incredible, what inspires your magic?

First of all, Thank You so much!!!  I’m honestly very much inspired by Unicorns, Crystals, and our ability to Love! And to express ourselves. As Mother Nature does with all her glorious colour changing seasons. It’s truly a magical thing to witness & be a part of. WE ARE MADE OF COSMIC LOVE. This is my true inspiration. 🌈

Unicorn vibes with our Vitality Set

Has self expression always been something that’s resonate strongly with you?

DEFINITELY! As a child I was always painting, drawing, dancing, singing, playing dress up, putting on plays, YOU NAME IT. I was always into those funky clothes that made me feel different & unique. My mom always called me her little Artist.

“Let’s just say I wasn’t into “Blending In”. 🤩 💞 😜

Psychedelia with cosmic styling + our Vitality Bells

Where do you find the ideas to create your fruity looks?

I create my looks day to day. I’m always inspired by colors of the rainbow and all things iridescent. I guess I like to feel like a walking, breathing Rainbow Aura Crystal lol! Anything that Mirrors how I’m feeling within. But there are many days I also just LOVE wearing ALL black with a few colored accessories. Yes, I’m also in touch with my dark side.

“Like the moon, I go through Phases. 🌖 🌗 🌘 🌑 🌒 🌓 🌔

Regarding your personal style, how did you arrive at your signature aesthetic?

I’ve gone through so many phases of fashion & aesthetic. Life is ever changing and so are our moods. But I’ve definitely manifested into this opal rainbow goddess aesthetic by experiencing what I feel was a very real awakening to Universal Love. As we know love comes in many colours.


What are some of your favourite festival fashion accessories?

Some of my favorite accessories have got be anything Reflective & Crystal like (yes I’m obsessed with crystals if you didn’t figure yet  I Love the way they catch light)!  Jewels, Pasties, Glasses, Headdresses, Hats, Chokers and of course Glitter!!! ✨

Describe your ultimate dream festival outfit…

My Ultimate Dream Festival Outfit would Defintely consist of All things Iridescent & rainbows!!! Thigh high reflective stack boots, rainbow strappy bottoms and Glitter Boobs!!! I just want to look like a Dancing Angel Aura Quartz meets Unicorn Queen


For festival fashion, what are some of your most loved styling tricks?

Some of my most cherished styling tricks are adding Iridescent ribbons or strings throughout my hair. Just add something shiny and you’ll always catch the light!


What is your favourite Liberated Heart print and why?

My ultimate favorite LH print is VITALITY!!! The pattern contains All my favorite colors and it just looks Absoutely Ethereal paired with all my Sparkly accessories. IN LOVE!!!

Baben’ in our Totality Slip Dress

How do you style your LH to make it look most magical?

I ALWAYS use Gems, Glitter, and Reflective Accessories to really amp up my LH pieces. Just throw a Sequin kimono over it and your lookin’ FIRE!!! 🔥🔥


In what ways do you Liberate your Heart?

I Libetate my heart each day when I step out into Mother Nature (my home) I listen to her earthly wispers and allow her to heal me starting from within. It is She who has has taught me that Everyone here on this Magical planet & All throughout this vast Universe are interconnected. We Are One,We are Whole, & We Are LOVE. In this I found my ultimate truth & liberation. I believe the more we manifest our truer nature (LOVE) (Harmony) (Unity) the more our planet can start to realign back into her symbiotic state. Healing ourselves as well as Precious Our Earth Mother. Love & Light!!!!

🌈 🌹 🌟  🌴 🌼 🔮

Thank you to Brittny for giving us a glimpse into your magical world!


Model: Brittny Nicole @cosmicdaughter

Clothing: Liberated Heart @liberatedheart

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