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Lost in a moment of life’s ebb and flow.

Mind, body and soul ecstatic and completely alive in a heightened state of consciousness. In this zone nothing else matters. Have you entered flow state?


Inspired by the multidimensional nature of water, this alluring blue print tells tales of water as the basis of life, feeding into what’s know as the ‘Flow State’. The feeling of being wholely encapsulated in a moment; a song, dance, creativity, art, sex, nature, socialising, etc. The activity you’re engulfed in consumes your full attention. Loading you with energy and the timeless sense of doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing. There exists nothing beyond your pure, engaged presence. Your spirit and senses completely absorbed by this soul expanding experience. All while tied together with the ebb and flow of life.

Deep flow lover Esther radiated her enchanting watery connections in this beautiful beachy setting! It was an absolute dream creating this shoot for our epic new Omniverse Set F L O W || S T A T E! Back by popular demand, this dreamy blue velvet outfit features our high-waisted a-line skirt and original tie up halter top. Also, we are stoked to say that this epic set is all made right here in Australia! Style with chunky white boots while rocking some ocean inspired accessories for your next festival. We can’t wait to see you LH babes rocking the new Flow State Set worldwide. So… Will you experience the flow?

Model | Esther @wwhitewitchh

Photographer | LH Nat @ntwlsh

Creative Assist: | LH Maddie @maddie_cjones

Garments | Flow State Velvet Set

While crusin’ these otherworldly rock pools we stumbled upon a bunch of real nasty rubbish… Even the most beautiful natural locations are tainted with human waste! So do you bit to help our mother earth. Always remember to Take 3 (or more if you can) for the Sea!!!

While going barefoot wandering in your FLOW STATE Set, why not rock some ankle cuffs?!


Behind the magic…..

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