The art of finding the inspiration to fuel a killer look for any occasion can prove a challenge. When a special event arises, aka that festival you’ve been looking forward to all year (Splendour in the Grass!!!), to have your makeup and outfit sorted well in advance is the dream. All thats left to do then is soak up those good times!!

With this in mind we’d like to introduce Samantha Todd @samtodd, rad festival style blogger and ultra makeup queen! One little squiz of Sam’s Instagram will have you stuck in a haze of festival inspiration for days. We teamed up with Sam, providing her the LH goods to create this cosmic festival look featuring our Viridescent Set. We also took 10 to get to know the style secrets of this mega babe and discover how she will be rocking LH at her next festival!


You have a true talent with the art of makeup, how did you begin creating your gorgeous looks?

Thank-you! It just began as something to do when I was bored but now it truly is my hobby and sometimes my job! I would have a day off and have nothing to do so I’d sit down at my makeup desk, turn on true crime videos on YouTube and just play with my makeup and see what would happen! Most of the time I don’t sit down with an idea in mind, I just make the look up as I go!

Have you always been a lover of makeup and all things beauty?

Always! Up until I really got into festival makeup I used to buy so many lipsticks and eyeshadows in bold and bright colours that appealed to me and then never actually have any use for them!

Sam rocks her Viridescent Set with the ultimate Roc festival boots, a boss fur coat, two cute as braids and of course her epic makeup look.


Your festival makeup always compliments your outfits so perfectly! When planning for a festival, do you pick your makeup look or outfit first?

Outfit first – always! I always start looking for an outfit really early & build my ideas from there. I’ve gotten into hair recently as well and started adding coloured extensions & braids, etc to my looks which has been really fun!

What is your most favourite festival look you have ever created?

OMG, that’s a hard one! Depends on what day you ask me – haha! Sometimes I dress grungy, sometimes girly, sometimes a mix, so it’s really hard to choose just one! I think my all gold outfit from Coachella day one is a crowd favourite though.

What are some of your favourite products to use for festival makeup?

Good quality, pigmented eye shadows make everything so much easier! If you’re looking for some fun festival colours I recommend the Huda Beauty Electric Obsessions Palette and the Urban Decay Electric Palette (which coincidentally have the same name!)

How do you make sure your fruity makeup remains in place and looking perfect throughout your festival adventures?

Its been around for a long time but Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation never lets me down when it comes to festivals. I know it’s full on and full coverage but nothing can ruin your look faster than patchy foundation and we all know how hot and sweaty it can be at festivals! Don’t forget to set everything with setting spray as well, it makes a world of difference! I use the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray.

What are your top tips for creating a killer festival outfit + makeup look?

Play to the colours of your outfit! Liberated Heart outfits have the most amazing colours in them so if you’re wearing a blue set, do blue eyeshadow & maybe braid in some blue clip in extensions too (you can get these super cheap on eBay)! Try to create a whole look using different shades of the same colour to create the most impact.

What draws you to Liberated Heart?

Liberated Heart as a brand encompasses all of the things that I love about the festival community. Coming from Byron Bay (one of my favourite places ever) it is all about being unique, wild, empowering the wearer to be free spirited and most importantly, themselves!

How will you be rocking LH at your next festival?

I’m all about flares this season so I’ll be wearing a LH flare set with my new platform Doc Marten’s! The perfect outfit as it starts to cool down for Splendour in the Grass.

How do you liberate your heart?

I liberate my heart by expressing myself through creativity! Sharing my creative makeup looks online and receiving such a positive response from friends and strangers is so liberating and gives me the energy to continue creating and sharing new ideas!

Thank you to Sam for letting us into your world and sharing your epic beauty secrets!


With hopes this has instilled that little bit of extra inspiration for your next festival! Don’t forget to tag us in your fruity pics


Model / Stylist / Makeup Artist: Sam Todd @samtodd

Garments: Liberated Heart @liberatedheart


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