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as the heat increases, so do music festivals across australia. we can’t even keep track of the ones on our radar – when they are & what our plan is. i’m not sure about you or your friends, but for us the organisation of who does what and where and when & who how and why and where and and and and
it gets a little much

so we decided we would put together a lil guide on some things that could help you keep on track, or just help in general, screen shot this list & enjoy the pics – they aim to get you in the vibe & increase inspo, ideas, maybe even some memory function heheh
worse case scenario, if you forget all of your underwear for a 3 day festival just remember that we were once cave people & it can be quite empowering…
maybe even a bit LIBERATING to free ball. haha. lol.

Okey Dokes first things first.
aka very important
1. ticket + iphone
2. ID, money, chap stick
3. friends – who you will prob lose not long after arrival
4. water – hydration is crucial to surviving entire festival without dying, and HYDROLITES are your homies!
5. download the app, check the set times & pack a coin for flipping if there’s overlaps (which there always is, eye roll..)

Now we get to the FUN stuff

6. your festival make up/skin care kit
which should include strict necessities only (for light packing & also so you don’t loose like a million different NARS lipsticks).
here’s what we have put together:
tooth brush & paste – cause you will hopefully find a cute boy 2 cuddle & kiss meybey
wipes – self explanatory
moisturiser with SPF – you will be thankful when you wake up crusty & your skin needs a drink
bare minerals loose powder – this is basically magic: non irritating to the skin – less breakouts, light reflective (gr8 for hiding fatigue & being in photos), has build-able coverage so just buff it in with a kabuki brush.
glitter!!!! – lots of glitter, perfect for distracting away from dark circles & accentuating dilated pupils hehe
mascara – we are loving blue mascara right now & have even found a super cheap brand that doesn’t smudge/run when wet (this theory has been tested so trust us on that one!) this means you can be a wildling in the pool set up falls byron bay has to offer with no f****s given! yew!
eye liner – currently frothing on the white eye liner eye of horus has just released, as it instantly makes your eyes look refreshed, as well as staple black of course.
tinted carmex lip balm – comes in pink or peach, amazing for your lips, contains spf and has just the right amount of colour to enhance your lips in a naturally!
STAY TUNED FOR – our festival make up tute releasing soon! where we will demonstrate all products listed in kit as well as a couple more.

7. a wee little bag.
just the right size for the following – iphone, money, chap stick, party favours.
all us gals in office rubbed our brains together one day & came up with the perfect velvet printed envelope bag that should do the job, & look pretty!

8. undies & swim
unless you want to free ball haha. our flower power bralette & matching undies are mega comfortable & also work as a perfect coverage set under anything sheer, or a teeny bit revealing. wear them under your valhalla party dress, niterider pinafore & overalls, or even pair the bralette by itself with bottoms of your choice! also dig this look with an oversized vintage denim jacket!
our swim is one of our favs to incorporate this year, specifically the one piece, not only will you be able to…. SWIM in it/get wet/hang for bulk periods of time under the misters but it also looks so so so good under vintage denim cut offs or with our joni sueded shorts. flattering cut outs make your body look like a hourglass, and the fabric is the most comfy buttery italian lycra, which keeps you cool & chaff free (baha)

9. bedding.
if your heading to an over night stay festival, comforting blankets are an absolute MUST!
our aura blankets keep the good vibes flowing, whether your in your tent alone at night having weird thoughts, or surrounded by friends who just wanna cuddle. the lush velvet fabric & decadent print will take care of you & create a ambient aura around you, always.
also our pillows are rad as and your DEF going to need a pillow, our current favs are the velvet ones that go back with our aura blankets, to ensure that when you are sleeping, you are beauty sleeping. hehe.

obviously we have like a trillion super kewl and fun outfits to choose from! i am a strong believer in attempting to pack light, so i try to plan my outfits for each day, following into the night and pack a couple spares just in case (only a couple). a few big t shirts plus loose pants for when you just b chillin in yo tent, the more socks the merrier because they will get filth, and one trusty pair of boots – definitely docs or timberlands. so you can face all elements. your shoes are your number one if something happens to them your basically f****d so its worth the extra expense or effort of going for one good quality pair.
vintage shades are our go to, but we don’t take anything of too much value because they are easily lost or broken especially if you dance as spastically as us.

the golden rule to attending festivals and making it out alive, is to
……..drink water, bring all of the above & try not to loose your phone


and if things don’t go to plan, which is like always, remember to have a ‘haha lol’, dance your face off & remember that no matter what,

you will be stoked to have the memories of another messy and hilarious festival under your belt that you will be reminiscing on all year with your friends. 


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