Fruity makeup is a must when getting festival ready! Whether you’re a simple glitter on the cheekbones kinda girl or you prefer to go wild with insane eye shadow and jewelled looks, festival makeup really completes an outfit.

In the spirit of festivals and all things makeup we’re stoked to introduce Mia aka @thrillsoftomorrow. Makeup artist and all round gypsy queen, Mia chatted with us about some of her favourite ways to get groovy.

Mia styling her Oracle Backless Dress to perfection

Your festival makeup looks are insane!!! Where do you constantly draw inspiration from to create these looks?

Thank you! Looking at old album art is always a good source. I watch a lot of films so I get caught up daydreaming of all the different characters to create. I’m also such a people watcher, especially at festivals – I will make mental notes of everyone’s
style and how to interpret that into something new.


Do you have a signature makeup style or little detail that runs true through each look?

I never have an exact plan, I put on music and kind of zone out completely. I always seem to add a little bit of how I’m feeling, or what’s on my mind into what I do.  It’s almost like when I was doodling on a school book. Dear diary scribbles haha!

What are some of your favourite products to use for festival makeup?

Glotatts are my absolute favourite, Im obsessed. They stay on so well that at some festivals I just adapt my whole look to go with the Glotatts, so I don’t have to take it off! I always have my Gypsy Shrine face and body jewels on hand too.


How do you make sure your fruity makeup remains intact throughout all your festival shenanigans?

Hair gel & hair spray to hold on glitter and paint. Probably not the best for my skin but definitely does the job of staying place when dancing & adventuring into the early hours!

Baben’ in her Pixie’s Party Velvet Set  with

a magical makeup look!


What are some of your go-to tips and tricks for creating killer festival makeup?

Music! I often get my ideas from song lyrics and interpret them into a look. Take Starman by Bowie = Multi coloured stars and lighting bolt body art! I want to start making some talk through tutorials on creating looks and how to get inspired


When you’re not getting all glittered up for a festival, how would you describe your personal style?

I love the whole 70’s flares and bell sleeve dresses.  One day my whole wardrobe will consist of that.  I’m surrounded by friends with the most insane sense of style who I’m in constant awe of, but when it comes to day to day, I’m a t’s and trainers kind of girl.

Mia and her gal pal showing us how to style the Oracle Backless Dress and Pixie’s Party Velvet Set right!

What festivals do you have on the cards for this year?

I have no idea yet, so many new ones I want to go to. I’ve still never been to Australia, so maybe one to be ticked off this year!

How will you be styling LH at your next festival?

With lots of rainbow body paint ! And a festi coat from my friend Tigers new collection @shopeasytiger! Her new range of festival coats would go amazingly with any LH piece, a dreamy power duo for sure!

What draws you to Liberated Heart?

I’ve been spying on your Instagram feed for so long now, in love with the dream like narrative of your shoots, to the patterns you design, to how you edit your photographs. It’s all so beautiful and has definitely inspired some of my festival looks I’ve created – LH fan girl over here!

How do you liberate your heart?

Traveling, festivals, painting, decorating & dancing with strangers, listening to people’s stories and admiring what others create.

We thank Mia for giving us a little insight into her glittery artistic world and look forward to seeing which mind-bending look she comes up with next!

Model: Mia @thrillsoftomorrow

Clothing: Liberated Heart @liberatedheart

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