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one can never have enough inspo, especially when it comes to beauty!

as the festivals keep rolling in, we try to keep things fresh and different each and every time… however we wanted to show you dudes our usual go-to look for festival frenzies & other spontaneous events

our model sabrina has gorgeous skin, lovely green eyes and some serious brow game – which supplied us with the perfect canvas…

we call this look

scroll to see how we did it, featuring product info & where you can get it

don’t forget to pair w your fav LH items for ze ultimate effect

sabrina wears her ~VOODOO FLOWER~ cropped T

model: sabrina sterk @sabrinasterk
photographer/mu/creative: mariah hearn @mariahprofresh

shop here


ahhhh bare minerals original foundation is the GEAR!

this loose powder foundation is made from amazing minerals that are actually beneficial to your skin – so won’t cause break outs or clog your pores.

it has build-able coverage and light reflective properties that give you a flawless natural glow.

not only that! featured wonder product is also SPF 25 and is so easy to apply, just buff onto your face in circular motions with a kabuki or all over face brush – the fluffier the better as it will give you an air brushed even skin toned look.

festival make-up


this blush rox! we have used it here to highlight sabrina’s cheek bones, and also as an eye shadow.

the pinky hue mixed with gold flakes highlights and adds a light wash of colour that is only just noticeable.

lightly smooth across the tops of your cheek bones and buff across your eye lids, we love this especially when you don’t have heaps of time or feel like making much effort.


for this part of our look we used a large fluffy all over shadow brush and buffed it into sabrina’s crease, with a neutral -one shade darker than her skin tone- shadow. we did this to keep things super natural, yet add some definition to her eye lids. she has such naturally pretty eyes that we really wanted to keep this look fresh.

considering we have already used our NARS orgasm blush to give a flushed pinky gold tone to her eye lids she really didn’t need anything else!

one mistake a lot of gals can make is over doing it, and when your headed to a festival and half your face is going to melt off anyway all you need to do is lightly enhance your natural beauty

and of course

coat your face in glitter, which is what we have also done here with our same brush, or you can use your fingers. we got our glitter from spotlight its only $5 a vile and they have this awesome mermaid scale one that is really cool and catches the light like mini crystals on your skin.


dudddesssss,,, this mascara is so so good! and also so cheap, like maybe ten bucks or something? go ahead and grab it from kmart or target, maybe even big W or any cheapo drug store if your overseas.

our blue mascara obsession has been going for quite a few months now, it just looks that good on coloured eyes especially in the sunlight. like really dazzles. blue mascara generally makes the white in your eyes stand out, which therefore helps you to look more awake and refreshed – this is obviously important when your on a 3 day bender at a music festival.

NYX does this really awesome cobalt/electric blue, and it doesn’t clump or smudge, i personally have even worn it to the beach and it doesn’t even run!


we have most definitely moved to infinity and beyond in regard to ze oll flash tattoos… so totally over it! what we are really digging however, is trolling any kids section in kmart/target/woolies and finding really rad 90s nostalgia stickers, along with many other great goodies!

these ones are very sailor moon vibes, and the shapes are really fun to play around with. we love @hauntmagazine and are always drawing inspo off their instagram, so when we found these we were all ‘yusssssss’

just get creative and stick them literally anywhere, a little hairspray or eye lash glue dabbed on the back can also help with keeping them on your face for .. as long as possible!


the final step to our festival face, O-GLOW intuitive cheek colour by smashbox is literally a purse/car/desk/locker/wherever must have!

this magiq clear gel formula actually reacts with your very own personal skin chemistry to turn cheeks into the colour you naturally blush in seconds! AND works on every skin tone.

we love it used on bare skin – as blending it on top of foundations can be trial & error… but today we used it as a lip colour. we love this product worn on lips as it works like more of a stain – lightweight and long wearing, plus that uber cool natural shade customised to your skin tone.


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