Elise Trigger

Style tips with Elise Trigger 

Q: What first sparked your love of fashion?

A: I think my love for fashion was sparked by my love for colours as a kid, I always was intrigued with colours and how they went together or didn’t, even when I was a toddler I would collect different colour flowers and leaves from the gardens and make arrangements from them. As I got older this got replaced with clothes or accessories always trying to try on my mum’s clothes when I was little imagining one day when they would fit.

Q: How would you describe your personal style?

A: My style literally is changing everyday it never stays the same, one day you will find me in skirts and sandals the next in a windbreaker, jeans, jacket and/docs. I think that’s my favourite thing about fashion is being able to express your mood and yourself through it.

Q: Your one styling tip or trick that you live by?

A: Don’t be afraid to try something new!

Q: Any tips from mixing and matching LH with vintage?

A: Denim and some funky glasses mixed with LH will never let you down!

Q: What’s your favorite piece from our new collection & why?

A: All of the water range!! In love with the blues!

Q: What are your favorite shoes for rocking with LH?

A: Doc martins!!!

Q: What item of clothes could you not live without?

A: My denim jacked & my body chain (jewellery )

Q: If you could teleport, where would we find you right now?

A: Somewhere far away from school and exam stress, surfing and living the simple life surrounded by smiling faces!

Model: Elise Trigger @elisetrigger Photographer: Tash Scheiner @ahhtash

Clothing: Air bomber jacket, Air cami, Star mesh top, Air aline skirt & the Sheer black lace tee dress

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