Desert Hearts… A dream of an American festival centring around infinite love and mind bending house/techno beats.

When finding words to describe the Desert Heart vibe, nothing could come close to the vision of the Desert Hearts crew themselves! Speaking of their past year:

“It’s been full steam ahead and all systems go spreading this message of love as far and wide as possible, but no matter how many parties we throw or cities we tour, there’s nothing in the world that compares to our Desert Hearts Festival. If we’re all the veins of this movement, the festival is the heartbeat that pushes the love through us. It’s the soul of our community and the driving force behind our ethos. It’s a goddamn super beast and we fucking love it!”


Hidden amongst the luscious mountains of Warner Springs (San Diego), the festival provided a sanctuary for its community to coexist. Sharing knowledge, creating art in all its forms and vibing as one to the nonstop beats which flooded the atmosphere.

Festival fairy Natascha Elisa was amongst the Desert Heart’s family, styling her LH like the queen she is. Natascha wears her Lucid Dreaming Eco Halter and Bells styled to perfection with leather bralette harness/belt accessories and tribal white face paint. Natascha rocks a white mesh crop over her LH halter, to spice up her look by adding that extra texture.

Our Eco Sets are right at home amongst festivals such as Desert Hearts, which are a part of the ‘Leave No Trace’ movement. Our eco fabric is created from recycled materials, therefore not using new materials and helping to leave no trace.

Absolute goddess Camila Romero @camilalalaaa unleashing ultimate festival styling. Crystal headcrown… Face/body adorned in jewels and paint… Braids scattered through her hair… Camila is a true festival being

Getting amongst the Desert Hearts community with Natascha was pixie Agne Bak @loveagne.   Agne rocks her Aurora Cami and Skirt with her Aurora Festival Robe – a true match made in heaven. Keeping in tune with the latest festival style trend, Agne pairs her LH with a pink leather harness and cute train driver hat.

Taking us from scorching day to slightly cooler evening… Agne swaps up her outfit up to wear her Aurora cami with some fruity tights and a BIG fluffy jacket.

Our girl Natascha getting fruity amongst the treasures… LH Eco Bells are perfect for festivals like Desert Hearts that have warm days but slightly cooler nights. Providing the perfect amount of coolness in the day, our bells will keep you warm on those chilly festival nights. Shop yours here!

We look forward to more Desert Hearts adventures in the earth cycles to come…


Models: Natascha Elisa @nataschaelisa // Agne Bak @loveagne

Photographers: Jesse @jesserichmond // Agne Bak @loveagne

Garments: Liberated Heart @liberatedheart




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