When we stumbled upon the otherworldly art of Jamie aka @mellowkittehh we instantly knew that this babe vibbed with the innermost essence of Liberated Heart. Magical. Inter-dimensional.  Nature Inspired.  All aspects of Jamie’s graphic collages which  similarly capture the inspiration of our very own prints here at LH. We were lucky enough to have this creative goddess conjure up some epic art featuring snippets from our past collection Children of the Rainbow. To say we’re awestruck with her art is an understatement! Cast your peepers below to soak up these insane collages as well as  get to know a little bit more about this creative genius…

How did you begin your venture into the world of graphic design?

I stumbled into the graphic design world when I switched degree programs. Art always made me happy but I wanted to make a career out of it. Switching programs was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and has taught me the importance of following your heart.

What is a typical day like for you?

I always start my morning with coffee and wake myself up my scrolling through my favourite blogs. The rest of my day usually involves working on client projects, every day is a little different since I work for myself!

What was the most valuable piece of advice you received when starting out as a graphic designer?

Don’t be afraid of criticism it will make you a better designer.


Have you always created and been inspired by all things artistic?

I grew up drawing, it was my favourite thing to do. I used to carry a sketch book and draw photos from magazines that inspired me. I continue to push myself to discover new artistic avenues and keep creating.

Whilst designing, how do you incorporate your own style into your work?

My style and is an extension of myself so my art is informed by what inspires me. I always try to incorporate elements of inspiration like mushrooms, crystals, butterflies or draw from hallucinogenic experiences.

How did you arrive at your signature aesthetic?

My style developed organically without me realizing until later. It started with portrait drawings I used to create in my university drawing classes. I would collage portraits with photos of mushrooms and flowers and then turn them into large scale drawings. This style carried over to my printmaking and then eventually my digital collages. 


The edits you have done for LH are truly magical, what was your initial inspiration in the making of these works?

The psychedelic Liberated Heart prints and photography are what inspired me to create these works! They seemed to marry well with my space fairy theme.

What draws you to Liberated Heart?

I have been following Liberated Heart since it started! I love the psychedelic prints and the feminine styles. The community that Liberated Heart attracts is super awesome too (they are all beautiful and creative festival faves). It’s been awesome to watch this brand grow!

What is your favourite LH print and why?

The Gemini in me can’t pick one. I’m either all for the Fire Velvet print or Cherry Blossom Eco Set. I love the Fire print, it reminds me of sacred geometry and its earthy tones are so grounding . I’m also drawn to the Cherry Blossom print because it’s so delicate and playful, the fact that it’s Eco Friendly is next level!

How do you Liberate your Heart?

I Liberate my Heart by surrendering to creation and sharing it without fear. I’m so lucky to be able to create, it’s such an outlet for me and I never take it for granted.


Check out Jamie’s instagram here: @mellowkittehh

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