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Natures energy pulsates a tropical fiesta of vivid hues. Through luscious green, an energising force entices you, freedom of the wildness within. You need only follow…


Calypso draws inspiration from festivities deep within the wild jungles of  Costa Rica. Named “Envision Festival”, this celebration brings together an array of cultures to awaken the human potential. A regenerative community seeking spirituality and art in all forms harmonising with a fundamental connection to nature. A festival we dream of venturing to…

With honey Sam @samanntha.leigh in tow, we wandered through a rainbow realm of artsy alleys to bring you our fruitiest Omniverse set yet! The goods don’t stop here lovers. Recently, we’ve had sooooo many of you tell us how much you miss our tie up halter style! So we thought we’d bring this style back for good! Our Calypso Set features our original skater skirt and tie up halter style made from Eco fabric. We can’t wait to see you chicka’s rocking this epic set at festi’s world wide!!!

Model | Samantha @samanntha.leigh

Photographer | LH Nat @ntwlsh

Fit | Liberated Heart Calypso Eco Set


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