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location: Fraser Island

We planned this magical shoot months prior when we were designing the collection. The thematic concept of ~THE MIDNIGHT EFFECT~ had us deranged with excitement… The effects that light has on us during the deep dark of the night is what keeps us up; creative – brains in over drive.
Neon blues, lilacs & pinks popping against deeper hues. Star combustions, avatar night scenes filled with plants that glow in the dark. Aquariums at night lit up with the most beautiful and bizarre creatures, animals prowling jungles – their eyes shining in the light, pupils dilated… Smells of lavender & neroli…

I think we can all agree that there is just something – something widely different and special that happens to us when the sun sets. So we knew we had to shoot this somewhere out of this worldly to capture what our hearts wanted to share…


This vast sandy paradise is quite literally a photographers dream. Its awe inspiring landscapes filled with textures and colour instantaneously have that wow factor.

Our first impressions were painted with an orange black sky. As the sun set and we rode the slow ferry across the ocean from Hervey Bay,  light dissipated and night sky panned out whilst we star gazed and Lilla told us some constellations she knew. Soon enough the captain of the ferry was telling us stories of full moons and laying on the roof soaking up the universe’s display of all things strange and beautiful.

We were already in full realms of ~THE MIDNIGHT EFFECT~

Our full day of shooting consisted of 4WDing along sand tracks through the Australian bush, rugged and untamed. It felt like it contained the secrets of life itself.

Lake Wabby was surrounded by captivatingly large rolling sand dunes, it felt like we were on the surface of Saturn and as the wind ripped into us Lilla embraced the terrain and danced like a fairy into another dimension, wearing all ~LUMINESCENT~. Heading down to the Lake it turned eerily quiet, we fed large catfish that looked like small sharks rice cakes while Lilla floated in the water laughing as the smaller fish nibbled at her skin.

Lake McKenzie was our next stop, we had been looking forward to seeing the white sand and ombre blue hues of this particular fresh water lake… and we were not disappointed – it was actually better than the photos. The weather was stunning, pinching ourselves – were we still in Australia? Or somewhere in the Caribbean!?
After we finished shooting our ~BLULIGHT~ soft sueded garments the weather changed from streaming sunlight to dark grey storm clouds, we ran laughing into the water to get in a swim before changing locations.. and it felt like we were 6 years old again

Eli Creek and the Wreck was our last stop, driving down the beach we arrived at this amazing little gully shrouded with ferns and other greenery. The idea of Eli Creek is to follow the board walk and then float down this freezing cold crystal clear stream. We explored the stream and were blown away at how this slice of jungle esc paradise could be literally on the beach, just THERE – it was heavenly and completely suited our ~SILVER SEAS~ print we were shooting.
The Wreck was close by, a ship wreck bubbling with rust and encrusted in oyster shells. Big signs read do not exceed 3 metres of wreck, but we are all a little rebellious and there was no one else on the beach, so we explored the round shaped windows, fallen pillars and slanted objects.

As the weather grew stormier we shot the last of our looks, Lilla always at one with nature and looking completely at home topless in long silken skirts…

We left Fraser feeling content and inspired, we had all bonded with each other over a mutual love for Mother Nature & had a really fun time in doing so…

















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