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We took our favourite Byron Bay beach babe Anita Ghise for a spin in some pieces from our latest collection ~The Midnight Effect~. With her cheeky smile, tanned skin and killer bod – we always love catching up with her to talk about our latest food obsessions, favourite clothes and to get psyched for whatever festival is on the horizon (the countdown for Splendour is well and truly on!).

Check out our full interview with Anita and her favourite LH beachside winter looks below. You can stay up to date with all of Anita’s adventures via her instagram here.

All clothing featured is Liberated Heart, styled back with Anita’s own vintage and accessories.


1. I couldn’t live without…?

The ocean – it keeps me sane.  I usually start and end my day with a surf, a swim, or a walk by the ocean. Even if I’m just hanging out there by a fire, it’s my happy place.

2. Last song I played was…?

“750ml to Paradise” by my mates’ band Droplegs… they are the biggest group of legends from Byron Bay, making some really cool music. Definitely check them out if you haven’t already!

3. Food fad of the moment…?

Purple Sweet potatoes with feta cheese on top – best winter comfort food!

4. Wearing on repeat right now…?

My vintage ACDC Tee that I cut into a sleeveless crop top. And my Liberated Heart Stella Long Sleeve Dress, the thumb loops in the sleeves make it so cozy for winter.

5. Favourite all time film…?

Leon: The Professional.

6. You have your own music festival, what would go down…?

It would be small and in the mountains with rivers running through the fields and trees decorated in psychedelic decor! I’m picturing Alice in Wonderland kind of vibes – everyone would camp and their would be lots of pretty cushions and rugs scattered everywhere. It would be a week-long festival with only real music. And of course, all of my friends would be there !

7. What exciting projects are you currently working on…?

A lot of people don’t know that I’m a pattern maker by trade! I’ve been working on the launch collection for a brand new label, so stay tuned… I’m also working on creating some really cool content with fellow creatives in the lead up to Splendour.

8. Woman crush…?

Cailin Russo – she’s the biggest babe!

9. Man crush…?

I know it’s lame, but my boyfriend is my man crush.

10. 3 words that sum me up…?

Free spirited, dedicated, happy. 

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