Alea Rain

An interview with Alea Rain

 Q: As dancer, constantly expressing yourself, what do you feel is your purpose?

A: My purpose as a creative is to authentically unapologetically express myself, and inspire others to do the same. Dance happens to be my main art form, and it is so much more than a sport to me, it is my spiritual practice. It is how I communicate, express, release, and relate to everything and everyone around me.

  Q: What inspires your style of dance?

A: Everything around me, all the places I go, the people I meet, my movement is a way of taking all my experiences and how they have made me feel and turning them into movement…. I’m so curious about so many styles of dance, ranging from breakdancing, to belly dancing to ballet, what interests me is finding a way to interweave all styles of movement that inspire me. A pure translation of music and feeling into movement.

 Q: What is it like performing at festivals like Coachella?

A:They are all so different; I think that’s my favorite part, The music the people, the stages…. It’s so diverse. New festivals are always exciting—you never really know what you are getting yourself into! And the ones I’ve been going to for the past few years are always fun, it’s sort of like going to a family reunion but with all your friends.

 Q: What’s your favorite song to dance to at the moment?

A: Oh that’s a hard question! I love Gooey by Glass Animals, but I’ve been dancing to BANKS new album The Altar a lot recently as well!

Q: We love it when you come to visit us in Byron, do you have any plans of coming back soon?

A: I don’t have any flights booked but I hope to be back in the Bay soon, Byron is my second home I can never stay away for too long!

A: Liberated Heart was one of the first brands I modeled for years ago! It’s been great to grow and create along side this company, I believe in everything this company is about, female empowerment, art, movement, and all things that liberate your heart.

 Q: What is your favorite kinda outfit to dance in?

A: It depends on the music and the style of dance really! Stretchy fabrics always so movement isn’t restricted, and I love flowy light weight fabrics though, they are fun to interact with while dancing!

 Q: If you could teleport, where would we find you right now?

A: Oooo that’s also a hard question! This morning I woke up dreaming of a white and turquoise villa somewhere remote between the beach and the jungle in Croatia.

 Q: What does the next month look like for you? Any travel plans or festivals?

A: It’s the beginning of summer here in California so things are about to get crazy! Right now I’m in the process of settling into my new home in Malibu and rehearsing for all the summer festivities! I’ll be heading Lighting in a Bottle festival next week, which is one of my all time favorites, and I’ll be doing some really cool performance pieces there throughout the weekend (impraticular on Friday night at the Grand Artique right before Dirtwire if anyone is coming!) And I’ll be heading to the the Cayman Islands right afterwards with the beloved Byron babe Hannah Fraser (aka @hannahmermaid) for some mermaiding in the Caribbean sea!

 Q:Other than dance, what other creative outlets do you have?

A: I just enjoy creating in general, and exploring all the different avenues in which to do so. I direct photo and video projects, and do a lot of writing, mostly poetry, some painting, collaging, drawing…. Recently I’ve gotten into interior design as well. There’s so many different way to express, why limit yourself?

Model: Alea Rain

Clothing: Alea wears our Enter The Void set, Earth set & Deja Vu bikini

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