Bright, colourful and fun but also harmless… That’s how we like our festival fashion. This means having an epic time and dressing real fruity with a consciousness of creating harmony between fellow festival goers and the beautiful land we’re blessed to wander!

Glitter has been a must have festival essential for years. It’s timeless and always adds that little bit of extra depth to any outfit. Without it even crossing societies mind, glitter is essentially little bits of plastic. Bathing ourselves in glitter is great until is sweats, blows or just naturally comes off and then what happens? It ends up on the ground, in rivers or in the mouths of animals that share the beautiful festival grounds with us. Here it will remain eternally.

Is ruining our earth worth it to wear glitter for mere a couple of hours? Definitely NOT!!!

Thankfully the festival gods have put forth a precious gift called Eco Glitter! Looking even more sparkly goodness than the nasty plastic stuff, eco glitter is made of pant based materials. Once it lands on the earth it naturally breaks down, therefore leaving no trace! Being a festival fashion brand, we figured its a must to stock this on our website and spread the word! So when we discovered beautiful Byron Bay gal Charlotte and her range of A Beautiful Weirdo Eco Glitter, we knew it was meant to be. You can find A Beautiful Weirdo Eco Glitter in a range of 3 epic colours in the Brands We Love section of our website.

We took 5 with Charlotte to chat about all things A Beautiful Weirdo…

How did the idea for A Beautiful Weirdo eco glitter arise?

 I DJ for a drag night in Byron Bay each week & for my look I really wanted some kind of sequinned bejewelled mermaid type vibe for my character. I was fed up of just seeing PET plastic glitter on the market. So did some research and decided to bring out my own eco glitter under my design label. It was the perfect pick up item to introduce to my label that sat within my disco vibe / camp aesthetic. We live in paradise and I think we should be using any form of alternatives to plastic where possible to protect our oceans & our environment. It does not sit comfortable with myself or my brand to sell products that aren’t consciously considered and impactful on the planet. It simply is not worth it for me.


What inspired the fruity name for your business?

A Beautiful Weirdo was a term I have used since before I moved to Australia from my hometown of London. I would always refer to it as people I gravitated towards “Oh I have a huge crush on him, he’s just this beautiful weirdo”. Or “She’s great, such a character, a real Beautiful Weirdo”. It was a natural progression for me to name my brand that I launched here in Byron Bay as this. I think it really fits within my character, style and my interests and the people I want to surround myself with!

What goes into your glittery goodies?

All our glitter is is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic free glitter & are compliant with worldwide micro plastic legislation. It’s a plant based material made from a by product of sustainably sourced Eucalyptus. It was developed to tackle the part glitter plays in micro plastic pollution. Because we use plants as it base ingredient and not plastic it will naturally degrade into harmless substances in the environment. All our packaging is reusable and biodegradable. Like we say it’s “Fun that doesn’t cost the earth”

Favourite ways to rock your glitter?

Well apart from dressing up each week with my drag mates I like to vary the extremity of looks that can be achieved with this glitter. There are so many possibilities from just a smattering of glitter here and there to the hardcore Halloween look I sported recently. When first starting out with this product I saw it as a fashion accessory for festivals. I now believe it is a beauty product so this is an exciting new medium of expression I have found myself venturing down!

Describe your average day as an entrepreneur….

My average day is always always varying! I always try to take a little time for myself in the morning but the reality is I’m probably on my phone in bed at the crack of dawn answering emails and checking Instagram messages. This is a habit I am trying to change as I don’t want to be a slave to my phone. But at this beginning stage of my business it is has crept in! After emails, socials I always pack web orders (after a coffee). Then I juggle a million things whether is be packing glitter, designing or shooting or more recently building my market stall stand and DJ booth. You really are buying from an independent designer & brand so expect me to be covered in glitter whether intentionally or unintentionally after a day of packing! I have recently been asked to start doing events so that is something we are also working on. So the possibilities of my days really vary. But it’s all great fun!

What is on the horizons for you and A Beautiful Weirdo in 2019?

2019 is going to be a big one, lots more product & events. With Mardi Gras coming up and have been offered some very exciting plans in the pipeline for this. Then we will be travelling to Europe mid next year for festival season. All in all the possibilities are endless and I am super excited and focused to see what next year brings… Watch this space!

What inspires your magic?

I simply do not see myself doing anything else! A Beautiful Weirdo is definitely the vessel to explore my creative endeavours. The freedom to explore what I enjoy and to get to play with an aesthetic I love. That is the real motivator to why I do what I do, I have basically tricked myself to keep to keep myself from getting bored! I think setting a business up whilst you’re travelling encourages you to be more courageous with your choice to take chances.

I never ever thought my label would go in a more beauty industry direction but it has and it works and that is what inspires me because I am constantly learning new skills & new mediums i.e SFX and Drag Makeup. The sustainability and plastic free journey is something that is incredibly important to me. This means my products and label will always take this stance. I’m not only inadvertently educating others but also myself! The people I have met just through starting an eco glitter brand has been incredible. All demographics, shapes and sizes, sustainability advocates, drag artists, amazing make up artists & eco minded designers. It’s super cool! How can you not be inspired by that?!  It really is an evolving glittery eco beast!







Garment | Liberated Heart Pixies Party Set

Photography/Artistic Direction | Charlotte @abeautifulweirdo

Model | @ka_suumi

Sunnies | Trash Vintage  @trashbyronbay

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