An interview with DJ 4EYES

Q: As a DJ, constantly expressing yourself through music, what do you feel is your purpose?

A: Well my ultimate goal whilst playing at any gig is to get those booties poppin! If I can get people onto the D-floor and keep them there, then my purpose is served.

Q: When did you start DJing and who were your influences?

A: I only started DJing a year ago, so I’m pretty fresh meat in the music world. My biggest influence would definitely be my sister. Hands down. It kinda all started when we would just crank beats and have spontaneous two-man parties in my room (or “psych up’s” as Coco would call them). We were deep into one of our shindigs when a lightbulb appeared above her head and she yelled “OMG! YOU SHOULD SOOOO BECOME A DJ!!!”

Q: What inspires your beats?

A: Watching people get their groove on. There’s nothing that keeps me going like watching the gal’s drop it like it’s hot, absolutely owning that d-floor. GET IT GURLLL

Q: To create can be a personal offering to the world, many feel inherently part of their music. Do you feel this way?

A: Definitely. When I can play music or a track that I’ve made that I absolutely love to a crowd and they dig it just as much as I do, the feeling is so overwhelming and addictive.

Q: What are a few essential things to make a good party?

A: A funny crew

Café Patrón

A pair of jazzy sunglasses

A bath robe

Q: What’s your favourite song at the moment?

A: There’s no way I can pick just one! Here’s my top four:

FIGHT, Zagor

Humble, Kendrick Lamar.

4 Real, (Drezo Remix).

House Work, Jax Jones.

Q: What is your most recent infatuation?

A: I’ve just started messing around with making my own remixes and tracks which is so stimulating! It’s really interesting and more-ish. There are no rules whenmaking music. Just a whole heap of patterns, layers of sounds and effects. It’s really therapeutic.

Q: What do you love about liberated heart?

A: Liberated heart is so supportive of up and coming creatives in so many different fields, which I think is amazing!

Q: What item of clothing can you not live without?

A: Pleather jeans. Go on, call me tacky. Wait until you see how my butt looks in them first though.

Q: If you could teleport, where would we find you right now?

A: Somewhere in Japan eating excessive amounts of Yakisoba noodles whilst making phat beats.

DJ: 4eyes @4eyesx  Photographer: Tahnee Bones @wolfbiker


Clothing: 4eyes wears our Bloom Generation tee  Silver seas satin long skirt & lace up top

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